Michele Would Choose Casalguidi

My name is Michele Young and I live in southern Ontario. I was delighted to be a winner of a copy of this high-quality needlework magazine, Giuliana Ricama. The contributors’ works are displayed in such a way that I immediately want to find a needle and thread and begin working on all of the projects. The pictures are gorgeous and the instructions and traceable designs make this magazine a fantastic resource and a treasure.

It was hard to choose a favourite project, but I decided upon the Casalguidi centrepiece with tassels because it contained many traditional, but new to me, stitches I will enjoy learning.

phot of a woman sitting on a outdoor deack holding a piece of embroidery and Giuliana Ricama magazine.
Michele Young with her copy of Giuliana Ricama magazine and her piece from one of Alison Cole’s classes at Seminar 2019, Illuminated Floral.

The project I am working on in the photo is an Alison Cole goldwork and stumpwork design, both new techniques for me, until I took her class at the EAC/ACB seminar in 2018.

I will enjoy sharing this magazine with the members of my guild but will take careful note of who borrows it because I will definitely want it back. Thank you for the prize and for the opportunity to review Giuliana Ricama.

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