EAC/ACB Member Handbook

This virtual handbook links you to the information you will need as a member of EAC/ACB. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via the Contact page.

We have a Code of Conduct that can guide us as we take part in our embroidery communities.


To preserve the traditional techniques and promote new challenges in the art of embroidery through education and networking. 

EAC/ACB Purpose 

To encourage and promote the practice and knowledge of the art of embroidery in all its forms; to have a fellowship of persons who enjoy needlework and wish to learn and share their knowledge; and thereby to work towards maintaining higher standards of design, colour and workmanship.


When you join or add an email address to your membership, you are added to the list of users who have access to My EAC/Mon ACB. If you haven’t accessed that area of the website, you can simply request a password reset. If you don’t receive an email with the password reset link, please check your spam or junk folder. If it’s not there, please reach out through the Contact Us page to get help. We may need to update your email address in our records, or help you add our domain to your safe senders list.

This for-members-only area of the website has project patterns, chapter newsletters, links to additional resources and more.

eThreads e-Newsletter

All members receive a newsletter by email every month except December. It includes timely information about new EAC/ACB education courses, upcoming events, reminders about grant applications, deadlines, items of interest to embroiderers, etc. We hope you choose to continue receiving the e-newsletter so you don’t miss any information, but you can unsubscribe at any time by using the link at the bottom of every issue.

Annual General Meeting 

The EAC/ACB Annual General Meeting is held virtually in February or March. All EAC/ACB members are encouraged to attend. Information about the AGM, appointing a proxy and materials for the meeting are on the Annual General Meetings page in My EAC/Mon ACB.

As required by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and as outlined in our bylaws, all members will receive notice of the AGM and access to the pertinent materials. Usually, members will receive the notice as an email with links.

During the meeting, motions may be made to amend the bylaws, officers and directors will present highlights from their annual reports, and newly elected officers will be introduced. 

If members cannot attend, they are encouraged to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. 

Business News

Minutes of Chapter Presidents’ meetings and the Board of Directors meetings are available to members in My EAC/Mon ACB under EAC/ACB Business

Gifts, Donations and Bequests 

We are grateful to all donors for supporting the EAC/ACB. We have a donation form that allows you to indicate how you’d like your donation to be used and to identify a person to be memorialized. Gifts, donations and bequests to EAC/ACB are tax deductible, and receipts for donations over $25 will be issued.

Sampler Registry 

The EAC/ACB undertook the Sampler Registry project to locate and document samplers in Canada for the purpose of study and research.  Samplers have been documented in museums and private collections across Canada and illustrate the variety of backgrounds of Canadians. Anyone can contribute to the Sampler Registry by providing photographs and information about samplers. We encourage members to upload information about the samplers they may own or know about. Please share the registry with local museums and archives so they can contribute too.

Our History 

The idea for a national embroiderers’ association began with a small group of dedicated embroiderers who met in Winnipeg in the studio of Leonida Leatherdale. Letters were sent to needlework groups and guilds across Canada. The first formal organizational meeting was held on September 27, 1973. With the aid of competent legal advice, bylaws were drafted and approved by the federal government, and in November of 1974, the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada, Incorporated, officially came into existence. The Head office was, and continues to be, in Winnipeg, Manitoba—the geographic centre of Canada— where EAC/ACB would grow to the east and to the west. 

The first EAC/ACB chapter was the Winnipeg Embroiderers’ Guild, which sponsored the first two Seminars with participants across Canada and the United States. Annual Seminars were held at various Canadian locales thereafter, and EAC/ACB began to gain members and chapters. 

In 2016 the association changed its name to recognize our French members and encourage more French-speaking people to join us. The new official name became Embroiderers’ Association of Canada, Inc./Association canadienne de broderie, Inc. (EAC/ACB). The work to provide full services to our French-speaking members continues.

The EAC/ACB has over 1500 members with 40 chapters in Canada, including Virtual Threads, our online chapter, Canadian and international members, and youth groups.

EAC/ACB Board 

The EAC/ACB Board promotes the mission and develops and maintains privileges and opportunities for members. Feel free to contact them at any time with your ideas and concerns via the Contact page. A complete listing is provided in every issue of Embroidery Canada

EAC/ACB is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by members. Each officer and director has one vote at Board Meetings. Any EAC/ACB member may attend Board Meetings as an observer with no vote or voice. The Board of Directors may appoint other persons to attend Board Meetings as advisors with no vote. The Board of Directors holds online meetings quarterly. Special Board Meetings may be held with due notice to all Board Members.

A Nominating Committee is appointed to nominate members for positions on the Board of Directors. The Board invites all EAC/ACB members to consider volunteering for a two-year term. Members may nominate themselves by completing the nomination form and finding supporters. Job descriptions for all positions are available on the Job Descriptions page. Contact the Nominating Committee Chair for more information. 


Members may participate in activities for the duration of their membership. Remember to renew your membership before your expiry to ensure you don’t miss any issues of Embroidery Canada or registration for courses, projects or the seminar. 

Your membership number is used to identify you as an actual, current member and not a bot when you register for a course or seminar online. It is important that you enter your membership number as two capital letters, a space and six numerals – for example, ZZ 123456.

Chapter Members pay their EAC/ACB fee through their chapter. Members pay EAC/ACB fees once per year but may belong to more than one chapter as a dual member by paying each chapter’s fees. 

People may join EAC/ACB as Individual Members without belonging to a chapter. They are recorded as Atlantic-Central, Prairie-Pacific or International members. 

EAC/ACB Heritage Collection

The EAC/ACB Heritage Collection was established to ensure that artifacts, textiles and other items related to embroidery of historical or contemporary value to EAC/ACB are accessioned, stored and maintained in accordance with the highest standards. These items may be used as a resource for education, research and/or exhibit. 

Loans of articles from the Heritage Collection may be made to EAC/ACB Chapters and members upon request and at the discretion of the Heritage Collection Committee.

Embroidery Canada 

Embroidery Canada (EC) magazine is a twice-yearly publication that is created by members for members. We rely on the expertise and talents of our members to create a beautiful, inspirational, informative magazine. Find out what and how to submit.

Annual Seminar 

EAC/ACB sponsors an annual gathering for its members, traditionally called a “seminar.” The seminar is an opportunity to learn from nationally and internationally recognized embroidery teachers, meet other members, attend the Board Luncheon and view the EAC/ACB Members’ Exhibition. Each year, the seminar is hosted by a chapter or a group of chapters in a different area of Canada. Check out the teachers, classes and activities planned for the next seminar.

The EAC/ACB Members’ Exhibition is shown yearly at the seminar, allowing all members to display their needle art talents. Members do not need to attend the seminar to exhibit their work.

Forming a Chapter 

We recommend that people interested in forming an embroiderers’ group consider becoming an EAC/ACB Chapter. For information on how to form a chapter and an application form for Chapter Membership, contact the EAC/ACB Vice President. 

EAC/ACB will provide a resource person to work with groups interested in chartering a chapter. Funds are available to assist with organizational costs. 


Each Chapter President has access to resources, including a Chapter Resource Manual with helpful information.

Chapters near you may provide opportunities for workshops, lectures and exhibits. Consult the chapter listing on the EAC/ACB website for chapter locations, meeting times and contact information. 

Meetings are held for Chapter Presidents semi-annually, where chapters exchange information and ideas. EAC/ACB assists Chapter Presidents (or their representatives) in attending the meeting held during the seminar. 


Education is an essential part of the EAC/ACB’s purpose and we offer a range of learning opportunities. Some courses and projects are only available for a short period of time. Check the Learning Opportunities web page and watch for notices in eThreads. Find out more about the types of courses and projects we offer exclusively to members.

Leonida Leatherdale Needle Arts Library 

The purpose of the Leonida Leatherdale Needle Arts Library is to provide and maintain a collection of printed and audio-visual resource materials to support the organization’s general membership in furthering their personal growth in many embroidery fields. 

A list of library books is available on the EAC/ACB website and from the EAC/ACB Librarian. Members may borrow library materials for one month, or chapters may borrow up to 20 books for a two-month period. EAC/ACB pays postage.

Study Binders  

Some members’ expertise is shared through study binders in the Leonida Leatherdale Needle Arts Library. These binders are an asset to the EAC/ACB correspondence courses. The binders are comprehensive studies of counted thread and canvas work. They explore the history, the fibres and fabrics used and the stitches with variations.

Youth Embroiderers 

The purpose of Youth Embroiderers is to foster an interest and develop skills in embroidery among youth. Youth embroiderers’ membership was established in 1991 for youth aged 9 to 21. Youths may join EAC/ACB as individual members or as chapter members. 

Members receive a membership card, members’ folder, quarterly newsletters, the opportunity to apply for the Eleanor Thomas Youth Bursary, to participate in the EAC/ACB Members’ Exhibition held at the annual seminar and take courses developed especially for youth. 

Youth Embroiderers’ Chapters may be formed under the sponsorship of an EAC/ACB chapter as a guide and resource.

Awards & Grants

EAC/ACB offers a number of awards and grants to assist members and chapters with embroidery education. The guidelines and application form are available on the website.

In addition, members can nominate a member who has significantly contributed to EAC/ACB at a national level for the Service Award.

There are a number of awards associated with the Members’ Exhibition, and the details for those can be found on the Awards & Grants for Members page.