Awards & Grants for Members

EAC/ACB offers its members financial assistance to further their embroidery knowledge and skills. The Memorial Fund is available to individual members and chapters. The Seminar Grant covers the seminar registration fee for up to three members annually. The Pauline Glover Educational Grant covers the fees for a technique study course. The winner of the Pulled Thread Award receives $50 to further their knowledge of pulled thread embroidery.

We also recognize our members’ embroidery and design skills with several awards: Original Design Award, Pulled Thread Award, Seminar Group Project Award, Seminar Theme Award and the Viewers’ Choice Award. EAC/ACB administers The Leonida Leatherale Award (in odd-numbered years) on behalf of the Winnipeg Embroiderers’ Guild.

The Service Award provides members with the chance to recognize another member for service to EAC/ACB.

See lists of the past recipients of the awards and grants. Youth awards are through the Eleanor Thomas Youth Award.

The documents that are linked below are PDF files and will open in a new tab.

Members’ Exhibition Awards

Embroidery pieces may be entered into the following awards by choosing the category on the Members’ Exhibition Entry Form (PDF and online) and, where applicable, completing the additional forms and requirements. Check the current year’s entry form on the seminar website for further information.

By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees that permission is given for the entry to be officially photographed for EAC/ACB and the host chapters’ purposes.

Original Design Award

Pulled Thread Award

Seminar Group Project Award

Groups planning to enter a group project must inform the seminar committee with the intent to submit by sending the required information by email or through the online form.

Seminar Theme Award Policy 2019-03

All Seminar Theme Award entries must include a statement of one page or less outlining the development of the design. This statement will be displayed with the piece, so don’t put your name on the front.

The following awards do not require additional forms or documents; the current Members’ Exhibition Entry Form (PDF and online) can be found on the seminar website.

The Leonida Leatherdale Award Policy 2020-04

The annual Leonida Leatherdale Award is offered by the Winnipeg Embroiderers’ Guild.

Viewers’ Choice Award Policy 2012-05