Celebrating 50

A large logo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EAC/ACB.

Celebrate 50 Chapter Challenge

Team up to create one item that showcases the stitching talent of your chapter members.

You can …

  • Stick to the tried and true
  • Collaborate on a wall-hanging, banner, biscornu, or group sampler
  • Or, try something new!

How about thinking outside the box? Or maybe create a box? Design a bowl? A sculpture? Perhaps a mascot?

Think creatively!

  • Use any technique or multiple techniques, ground fabrics, and threads of your choice.
  • Your finished chapter item may be any size.
  • Projects need not be original designs, but originality is encouraged. Give credit to the designer.

Finished your Project? We Want to See It!

Bring it to Seminar 2023

Use the Member’s Exhibition Entry Form and select the Seminar Group Project Award OR Exhibition Only category. If you choose to enter the Seminar Group Project category, please review the policy and procedures. The Intent to Submit notice must be received by February 1, 2023.

Post it Online

Finished projects will be featured in the Celebrate 50 Chapter Challenge Gallery – unless they have been entered in the Seminar Group Project category in the 2023 Members’ Exhibition. We’ll wait until after the exhibition to upload those ones.

Questions? Please contact us at Celebrating 50.

EAC/ACB 50th Anniversary Challenge!

Design a Wearable Art Accessory

Each member of EAC/ACB has received or will receive a 50th-Anniversary pin. We invite you to participate in this fun and informal challenge by designing your own piece of wearable art, incorporating your pin in the technique of your choice. Or choose your favourite fabric and mix and match style, technique, and colour. Embellish at will! Anything goes!!

Once your design is complete, submit a high-quality photo through the online gallery submission form. Then showcase your design as you wear your lovely accessory at embroidery events throughout 2023, including our celebratory Seminar 2023 –The Stitch Goes On/Le point continue – in Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 6-11, 2023.

Full details about this challenge appear on the back cover of the latest edition of Embroidery Canada magazine (Fall 2022) (or see below).

Find some inspiring photos of completed accessories designed and stitched by members of EAC/ACB in the Wearable Art Challenge Gallery. A purse, shawl pin, zipper pull, hair barrette, ornament – what can you come up with?!

If you require further information, please contact Beryl Burnett Beryl.burnett@shaw.ca

Défi du 50e anniversaire de l’EAC/ACB

Créez une œuvre d’art portable

Comme vous le savez tous, le 50e anniversaire célébrant The Embroiderers’ Association of Canada/ l’Association Canadienne de broderie sera célébré en 2023. Ce sera une année de célébrations! Et pour partir le bal … bienvenue au défi commémoratif du 50e anniversaire de l’EAC/ACB de créer une œuvre d’art portable.

Ce printemps, chaque membre de l’EAC/ACB recevra une épinglette du 50e anniversaire. Nous vous invitons à participer à ce défi amusant et informel en créant votre propre œuvre d’art portable, incorporant votre épinglette, en vous servant de la technique qui vous convient. Ou choisissez votre toile préférée et mélangez les styles, techniques, couleurs. Ajoutez de l’ornementation comme bon vous semble. Tout y passe!

Une fois votre création complétée, envoyez une photo de haute qualité avec votre nom et le nom de votre chapitre à celebrating50@eac-acb.ca avant le 1er avril 2023.

Affichez votre création en la portant lors d’événements de broderie tout au long de 2023, y compris le séminaire célébratoire de 2023 – The Stitch Goes On/Le point continue – à Winnipeg au Manitoba du 6 au 11 juin 2023.

Tous les détails au sujet de ce défi sont sur la couverture arrière du plus récent numéro de la revue Embroidery Canada (printemps 2022) (ou voir ci-dessous). Vous y trouverez aussi des photos inspirantes d’accessoires achevés, conçus et brodés par des membres de l’EAC/ACB pour stimuler vos idées. Un petit sac à main, une épingle pour châle, une tirette de fermeture à glissière, une barrette, un ornement – que produira votre imagination?

Si vous désirez plus d’informations, veuillez communiquer avec Beryl Burnett Beryl.burnett@shaw.ca

Nous attendons avec impatience votre œuvre d’art unique!

Joyeux anniversaire EAC/ACB

50th-Anniversary Patterns & Charts

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, EAC/ACB is offering patterns and charts by some of our member designers. These will be for sale only until December 31, 2024. Get all of the details about these exclusive patterns!

Travelling Twinchies

To celebrate EAC/ACB’s 50th anniversary, 40 members registered to exchange small pieces of embroidered art with group members. Five exchange groups were connected, with two doing surface embroidery, two counted thread and one canvaswork. One member chose all three techniques, so she was in three groups. Five people chose two methods and were placed into two groups. To that end, each participant stitched 2″ by 2″ squares called Twinchies to share with each member of their group.

Finished Twinchies were exchanged by the end of 2022. Participants are now turning their little art pieces into something creative to be finished by April 2023. The finished projects will represent EAC/ACB friends from near and far. Check the Travelling Twinchies Gallery for photos of the completed embroidery exchange pieces.