Job Descriptions

Although we have job descriptions for most, if not all, positions, each of the positions listed below are filled by volunteers, unless otherwise noted.

Categories of EAC/ACB Positions

  • Officer – elected member of the board of directors with fiduciary duties as outlined in the EAC/ACB Bylaws
  • Director – elected member of the board of directors with responsibility for a specific, functional area of the EAC/ACB
  • Deputy – a person who is working with a director, helping to fulfill duties, and participating in board meetings to develop an understanding of the functional area, with the intention of seeking nomination for the directorship
  • Appointee – duties require specialized knowledge, dealing with assets and continuous developing and creating
  • Assistant – duties are administrative
  • Associate – paid professional engaged by the board of directors for a specific purpose
  • Committee – appointed by the board to make recommendations on a specific subject or lead and complete a specific activity
  • Committee Chair – responsible for reporting as requested by the board of directors
  • Working Group – volunteer group tasked with a specific purpose and defined deliverable(s) to be completed by a deadline

The documents that are linked below are PDF files and will open in a new tab. Job descriptions are reviewed regularly and updated.

Board Positions