Policies & Procedures

The complete list of EAC/ACB awards and grants, with the accompanying policies and materials for each, is available on the Awards & Grants for Members web page. Additional forms and accompanying materials are available on the Forms, Guidelines & Instructions web page. Job descriptions for all EAC/ACB positions are on the Job Descriptions web page.

The documents that are linked below are PDF files and will open in a new tab. Updated policies will be added as they become available.


Award and Grant Policies

The following award and grant policies are available on the Awards & Grants for Members web page, with the application forms and materials for each.

  • Seminar Grant Policy
  • Memorial Fund Policy
  • Original Design Award Policy
  • Pauline Glover Educational Grant Policy
  • Pulled Thread Award Policy
  • Seminar Group Project Policy
  • Seminar Theme Award Policy
  • Viewers’ Choice Award Policy
  • Eleanor Thomas Award Policy (for Youth)

Policy Review Statement (2018-03)

To ensure that all policies are up to date and are an accurate reflection of the practices of EAC/ACB, the Board of Directors and Appointees to the Board, all policies shall be reviewed at least once every five years, unless otherwise stated in a specific policy. However, the Board of Directors Expense Policy is be reviewed every two years, at the spring meeting, one year following elections or when needed. If a policy is reviewed or revised prior to the scheduled five-year review, the next review shall be five years from the date of said review/revision.

In the event that a policy is due for review, and the agenda does not allow for all business to be conducted and policies to be discussed, a policy that is due for review may be tabled to the next Board meeting if there are no major revisions needed. Schedule A will be updated to reflect the date of the last review or revision of each policy in the footer. Schedule A, under a separate heading in Policies, will indicate the date of the last review or revision along with the next scheduled review date for each policy listed.