Viewers’ Choice Awards 2023

1st Place

Odette Gaudet, Chickadee Chapter of Needlearts: Dedication and Service, Original Design

As a young woman, I took notice of Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Canada in 2010. Everything about her inspired me. Her dress, professionalism, duty and service. On her 21st birthday in 1947, she said, “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.” She honoured that declaration.

This project has been a labour of love, from learning pattern making and dressmaking to goldwork, silk ribbon, bespoke hand beading, crewel and stumpwork. Various sizes of sequins, beads, and pearls were used with wool, velvet, silk, and cotton threads on satin fabric. Stitches include satin, satin stitch padding, backstitch, straight, split, cable, feather, fly, trellis stitches, colonial knots, couching, and wrapped cording.

2nd Place

Megan McLoughlin, Individual Member: Tropical Punch designed by Debbie Rowley of DebBee’s Designs

Tropical Punch is a fun-to-stitch symmetrical piece in a palette of primarily blues and lavenders, with vibrant splashes of colour thrown in. Due to the variety of threads called for by the designer, the different textures create interest, and the piece is filled with intermediate and advanced counted canvas work stitches.

3rd Place

Shirley Ganske, Winnipeg Embroiderers’ Guild: Dimensional Beadwork Display, Various Designers

  1. Twisted Wing Star (top left) design by Jay Dee of Screamin’ Squirrel. This design uses a reusable casting pod developed by Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. This star is stitched on the casting bead, then removed from the casting bead and formed into this shape.
  2. Sunflower Angel design by Teresa Morse of Iceni Bead Design. This design is a three-dimensional beadwork using a peyote stitch.
  3. O My Star (top centre) design by Jay Dee of Screamin’ Squirrel. This design is 12 wee-warped hexagons, which are assembled into this star.
  4. Christmas Wreath Bell Ornament design by Teresa Morse of Iceni Bead Design. This is stitched using circular peyote stitch with increases and decreases to create a unique shape.
  5. Bauble (top right, orange) design by Diane Fitzgerald. This is peyote stitch with increases to create the unique shape.
  6. Winged Warps Monarch Pattern design by Jay Dee of Screamin’ Squirrel. This butterfly is formed with peyote stitching connected with herringbone increases to form a warped pentagon.
  7. Kaleidocycle based on instructions by Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. Kaleidocycles are turning toys that combine ideas from origami and engineering. They are built from hinged pairs of geometric forms called tetrahedras. 24 peyote triangles are joined to form this turning toy.
  8. The Alison Vessel (pink) design by River Rose. This vessel is stitched using herringbone, increasing and decreasing to create the shape.
  9. Beehive Box design by Julia S. Pretl. This design uses circular peyote stitch and hem stitch on the lid.
  10. Dinosaurs Peyote Star (hanging lower left) design by DiMarca Online. This three-dimensional beadwork is created by stitching five peyote-beaded warped squares and then stitching them together to make the star.
  11. Tanzanian Sunset (hanging lower right) design by Gemma Smith sold by Dimarca Online. This design is a 3-dimensional beadwork – 20 peyote triangles are stitched together to make the ball.
  12. The Bauble and The Flower: An Exploration of Shapes design by River Rose. This is stitched using a herringbone stitch with increases and decreases. The lariat is stitched with a tubular chenille stitch.
  13. Flower Vessel (bottom centre) design by Julia S. Pretl. This dimensional vessel is stitched in three steps – each leg is stitched separately, then the legs are joined together, then the rest of the vessel is stitched in circular peyote with seed beads.
  14. Warm Wind design by Lady Lunar Cat. This three-dimensional beadwork is created by stitching 20 peyote triangles together to make a ball.

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