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CA0453: Canvas Finishing Techniques 101

by Jennie Wolter

Finishing Techniques

Registration ends October 31, 2023.



by Jennie Wolter

Do you have finished canvaswork pieces languishing in a drawer?  Would you like to finish, display and enjoy them?  Then you will be interested in learning ways to do something to finish those pieces!  This course is mainly designed around canvaswork but can be applied to other techniques.  Learn to finish ornaments – flat or dimensional; insertions onto fabric for a bag or a pillow, on clothing or other items such as a book or tablet cover; jewellery; 3D items – boxes or a snap tray, etc.  Numerous suggestions for finishing are provided for you to try.

Size of Design Area:  N/A

Ground Fabric:  N/A

Thread:  N/A

Skill Level:  All levels

Text:  The text is 55 pages, available electronically (PDF)

Time:  4 Months

Supplies to purchase:  Depends on your finishing technique.  Framing will be more expensive than finishing with a sewing technique.

Fee:  1 option only

Option A:  Electronic (PDF) delivery $70 CAD – includes education registration fee & text

This course is available to EAC/ACB members only until October 31, 2023.  If you are not a current member, please apply online.

Note:  No Refunds once registration is complete.


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