The EAC/ACB offers a variety of resources to its members and chapters.

Leonida Leatherdale Library

Members have access to the Leonida Leatherdale Needle Arts Library. The library is located in Winnipeg and has over 1,600 titles, some of which are out-of-print and hard to find (many self-published embroidery specialty books). The library also houses study-binders for the use of members who are taking EAC/ACB technique courses or researching aspects of embroidery. All are available by mail.

Until August 31, 2021, EAC/ACB will pay the shipping fees both ways for books borrowed from the library. After August 31, 2021 postage to a member or chapter will be paid by EAC/ACB and the member or chapter will pay the postage to return the books to the librarian.

An online list of publications (September 2020) held by the library is also available. The PDF file will open in a new page – click on the image to open the file to view. Download the file to your device and open it to search using the PDF reader search tools.

The expertise of some EAC/ACB members is shared through the use of study binders found in the EAC/ACB Library. These binders are an asset to the EAC/ACB technique study courses. The binders are comprehensive studies of special aspects of embroidery. They explore the history, the fibres and fabrics used, and the stitches with variations.

Members can borrow up to four items for one month; chapters may borrow up to 20 books for a two-month period. To borrow books, please contact the Librarian via our contact page.

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In addition to high-quality courses, the EAC/ACB provides support and resources to chapters with promotional material and to members with awards and grants.