EAC/ACB offers three types of courses: cyber courses, project courses and technique study courses. Before you sign up, learn about how each type works, what you can expect, prerequisites, refunds, binder reviews and more.

EAC/ACB courses are available to members only. If you are not a current member, please apply online before registering for a course. You will require your membership number to be able to register.

9020: Adventures with Jack-Up the Beanstalk
By Joyce Gill Registration Dates: December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023    Online Lessons Start Date: April 1, 2023 Come along
9019: Paper Lamination
By Janet Scruggs Registration Dates:  September 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022    Online Start Date:  January 1, 2023 Paper
501: Restart for Technique Study Course
This is for anyone that wants to resume their studies in a Technique Study course that was abandoned or withdrawn.
CT0351: Moroccan Melody
By Kathryn Drummond In this Counted Thread Sampler you create a symphony of stitches by combining two beautiful types of
209: Drawn and Pulled Thread
By Kim Beamish This course is designed to extend your knowledge of two techniques - Drawn Thread and Pulled Thread
CA0453: Canvas Finishing Techniques 101
By Jennie Wolter Learn interesting ways to finish your stitched projects to put on display for your enjoyment.  Finish ornaments-flat
102 Basic Crewel Embroidery
The Basic Crewel Embroidery course is designed to teach the beginning crewel student the fundamentals of this type of embroidery.
500: Binder Review for Technique Study Courses
The binder review is an optional step once you've completed one of the EAC/ACB technique study courses.
208: Hems and Edges
By Barbara Kershaw This course is designed to introduce and teach some of the many varied styles and techniques for
302: Advanced Crewel and Surface Embroidery
By Dorita Grant & Helen McCrindle This course will assist you in building upon the skills and accomplishments developed in the basic and
301: Advanced Counted Thread
By Colleen Darling The purpose of this course is to expand your skills and knowledge in a variety of counted
300: Advanced Canvaswork
By Anna Marie Winter This course is designed for you to expand upon the knowledge and skills learned in the
204: Colours For Embroidery
By Pam Godderis This course will develop an awareness and understanding of basic colour theory and its application in embroidery.
205: Design For Embroidery
By Pam Godderis This course will expand your awareness of, and encourage a positive attitude towards developing your own creative
207: Intermediate Whitework
By Bunty Severs This course is designed to give instruction in intermediate skill levels of Whitework Embroidery. Techniques in Broderie
206: Intermediate Hardanger
by Connie Wilks; revised by Carolyn Mitchell & Colleen Darling This course is designed to provide instruction in intermediate skill levels
202: Intermediate Crewel Embroidery
by Dorita Grant & Helen McCrindle This course helps you to expand upon basic skills to become an intermediate crewel stitcher. You will
201: Intermediate Blackwork
By Colleen Darling This course is designed to develop basic counted threads skills to the intermediate level specializing in Blackwork
200: Intermediate Canvaswork
By Anna Marie Winter This course is designed to give instruction in intermediate Canvaswork embroidery skills. You will learn to
103: Basic Metal Thread
by Janice Routley This course is designed to teach you, the beginning metal thread student, the basic skills in the techniques
101: Basic Counted Thread
by Connie Wilks; revised by Loletta Hale & Colleen Darling This course introduces basic level information on five counted thread
100: Basic Canvaswork
By Joan Phillips; updated by Carolyn Mitchell This course is designed to give instruction to the beginning canvaswork stitcher in the
WH0304: Schwalm Hearts
By Janice Routley This sweet small pillow design introducing Schwalm can be used as a pin cushion or placed beside
SU0431: A Style of Deerfield II
By Barbara Gilbert, Peggy Kimble & Helen McCrindle This lovely design combines several elements of Deerfield style embroidery. This design
CT0401: Beginner Hardanger
By Carolyn Mitchell This is a teaching course for beginner students in Hardanger. It is expected that all the stitches in
CT0302: Blackwork Smalls
By Maureen Spira These enticing little "Smalls" will lead you through the first steps of Blackwork.  Learn how a simple designshape
CT0331: Spring Tulips
By Colleen Darling This exciting course reviews the basic principles of Blackwork to create these elegant Spring Tulips.  You will
Canvas work style of embroidery in grey threads with Roman key and turtle shaped borders, diamond, zigzag and clamshell shapes in the middle.
CA0431: Florentine Fun
By Catherine (Kit) Gates This exciting sampler of Florentine stitches can be worked in your colour choice, on 18-count mono