Welcome to “Hues in Harmony” Seminar 2022!

May 16 to 21, 2022  |  TORONTO, Ontario

Held at the Bank of Montreal’s Institute For Learning  (BMO IFL) at
3550 Pharmacy Avenue, through Dolce International by your hosts:

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Institute for Learning (IFL) Toronto (RICHARDJOHNSON.CA PHOTO)

We want to keep us all safe, we need  everyone attending Seminar 2022 to be fully vaccinated (two vaccinations).  If you do not have intentions to get fully vaccinated (and be two weeks out) prior to coming to Seminar 2022, please send a note to 2022registration@eac-acb.ca and your fee will be refunded. 

There are NO WORDS to tell you how wonderful it will be to get together in 2022! We are so grateful to you, our passionate members, who come from coast to coast to coast – to share our stitching journey together in Toronto. Over six days in May, we hope to hug you all to make up for the seminars missed!

We know you will be excited about your classes – your teachers have put a lot of work and love into them! And the venue – we think you will be completely cosseted and amazed by Raymond Moriyama’s vision expressed in the Bank of Montreal’s Institute For Learning (BMO IFL): where the bright, open atmosphere inspires people to meet and get together, and the focus on learning and collaborating will have a positive impact on us all. And you know that we will love showing off our city to all of you!

BMO IFL is a beautiful and cohesive site, with everything under one roof: the bedrooms, the classrooms, the dining, the pool and gym, the celebration halls and areas for lots of social time inside and out. At this Seminar, everything you need (except for kits and the Options Day tours/events and classes) is included with your Seminar Registration and BMO IFL room. Do bring your credit card though – there’s great shopping during the week at the Boutique and also Wednesday’s Market Mall, and if you are scheduled on one of our Options Day Excursions – there may be souvenirs to buy!

If you are travelling with a spouse or require a shared bedroom, we have made different arrangements at facilities nearby.

Be Quick! There are only 150 spaces on-site at the BMO IFL and we have VERY TIGHT deadlines. Book by November 1st! Classes confirmed by November 30th! Pay by December 31st!

So glad to know you and see you again!

Co-Chairs Heather James & Pia Kallas-Harvey