Frances Jane Forward

Frances Jane Forward

Estimated Date Stitched:

Estimated Age of Stitcher:

School and/or Teacher:

Name of Stitcher:
Frances Jane Forward

Type of Sampler:
alphabet, band, other

Size of Sampler:
Width: 13.6in
Height: 17.8in

✔︎ Framed


Condition: Excellent

Description of condition:

Fabric Type:

Approximate thread count:

Embroidery thread type:

Number of letters: Number of Alphabets: 2

Case: Upper Case, Lower Case

Description of alphabets:

Number of sets of numerals:

Description of numerals:


Motifs: plants, animals, religiuos, family record

Type of stitches: Cross

Name or initials on sampler: see below

Verse or Inscription:

YZ  abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Robert Forward Grand Bank April 19 1861 born

November 17 1829 John Charles Forward

Grand Bank April 23 1861 Born January 11 1836

Frances Jane Forward Grand Bank May 27

1861 Born July 20 18_2 Eleanor Leamon

Forward Grand Bank January 21 1861 Born

October 15 1845 Sarah Jane Forward Grand

Bank May 19 1864 Born November 16 1859


See gently patience

smile on pain  Seeling

ering hope revive again

Hope wipes the tear from

sorrows eye And faith

points upwards to the sky



Owner / Donor Story:

The sampler may have been stitched by Frances Jane Forward. A blank is left in the year of her birth “18 2” which implies that she may be the one who worked the piece for she was born July 30 1842. The first date after each name is the date of the stitching and the second date after each name is the date of birth. The sampler was then started in 1860 or 61 and completed in 1864 -r 1865. Frances Jane would have been between 19 and 23 years old when she completed her sampler.

The first four names on the sampler are the children of John Forward (1796-1869) and Sarah (?Leamon)(1804-1870). Another son, Benjamin was born May 20 1827 and as he is not listed may have died young.

Sarah Jane Forward was not a sibling of the others. She was the daughter of Frances Jane’s brother, Robert Forward, and Mary Forsey. There is fifteen years difference between the birthdates of the last two names on the sampler.

Robert Forward married Mary Forsey (born Dec 26 1835, died Jan 15 1908). He was lost at sea Dec 13 1882 and his wife married again, to John Hiscock’

No information on John Charles….

Frances Jane Forward married Jomathon Tibbo (born June 27 1842, died Feb 9 1918) on Nov 13 1865. She died Aug 24 1926.

Eleanor Leamon married Samuel Tibbo (born Sept 21 1842, died July 28 1914) on Nov 30 1870. She died Jan 22, 1894.

Sarah Jane married Jacob Forsey (born May 30 1856, lost at sea Dec 13 1882). She died Nov 6 1937.

Other Information:

Frances Jane, born July 30 1842 was the daughter of John and Sarah Forward. The first four names and birthdates are for herself and her siblings. the last name, Sarah Jane Forward was Frances Jane’s niece, the daughter of her brother Robert. This is the Sarah Jane Forward who completed the sampler “Sweet Home of my Childhood.”


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