graphic of the 50th anniversary, with a large 50, the EAC shield emblem and the years 1973-2023Celebrating 50 years of preserving
traditional techniques and promoting
new challenges in the art of embroidery
through education and networking.
Celebrating 50 Activities


Bits & Pieces for Embroidery Enthusiasts


Welcome to the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada/Association canadienne de broderie!

We hope your interest in and perhaps passion for embroidery can be nourished here on our site. We are an association of like-minded people as regards embroidery, fibres and textile art in Canada and around the world. Yes, we have Canadian and international members. Anyone can be a member.

a rose emberoidered with a variety of embroidery techniques in a woven design with some beads


EAC/ACB offers membership to youth (9 to 21 years) and adults in Canada and internationally.


EAC/ACB courses offer distance learning opportunities to enrolled students in their chosen needlework techniques.  Our course registrar will assign a counsellor to the individual student or group of students.


EAC/ACB holds an annual seminar usually held in May. The site for this creative event changes depending on which chapter or group of chapters is hosting that year. The seminar is an excellent opportunity to learn, socialize and be inspired.
You can learn about the next seminar, Endless Horizons. Members will gather in Regina, SK, from May 26 to 31, 2024!


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