Technique Study Courses

209: Drawn and Pulled Thread
By Kim Beamish This course is designed to extend your knowledge of two techniques - Drawn Thread and Pulled Thread
102 Basic Crewel Embroidery
The Basic Crewel Embroidery course is designed to teach the beginning crewel student the fundamentals of this type of embroidery.
208: Hems and Edges
By Barbara Kershaw This course is designed to introduce and teach some of the many varied styles and techniques for
302: Advanced Crewel and Surface Embroidery
By Dorita Grant & Helen McCrindle This course will assist you in building upon the skills and accomplishments developed in the basic and
301: Advanced Counted Thread
By Colleen Darling The purpose of this course is to expand your skills and knowledge in a variety of counted
300: Advanced Canvaswork
By Anna Marie Winter This course is designed for you to expand upon the knowledge and skills learned in the
204: Colours For Embroidery
By Pam Godderis This course will develop an awareness and understanding of basic colour theory and its application in embroidery.
205: Design For Embroidery
By Pam Godderis This course will expand your awareness of, and encourage a positive attitude towards developing your own creative