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Estimated Age of Stitcher:

School and/or Teacher:

Name of Stitcher:

Type of Sampler:

Size of Sampler:
Width: 35.5cm
Height: 39cm

✔︎ Framed



Condition: Poor

Description of condition:

Fabric Type:

Approximate thread count:

Embroidery thread type:

Number of letters:


Description of alphabets:

Number of sets of numerals:

Description of numerals:

Borders: – Vine with flower pattern, border along right side, small S border in centre area

Motifs: plants, animals, buildings

Type of stitches: Cross

Name or initials on sampler:

Verse or Inscription:

Owner / Donor Story:

Donated by Margaret Stevens

Other Information:

Top Alphabet: S and J are darker than other letters
Middle Alphabet: J is backwards, Q is same as O, only completed to R
Lower Alphabet: letters are repeated ( a,c,e,f,g,s,t,w,x,y,z)
Some motifs in centre area along with s border appear to be added after main motifs completed


No. of photographs: Number of photographs: 4

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