Estimated Date Stitched:

Estimated Age of Stitcher:
Oct, 27, 1873

School and/or Teacher:
Mennonite Colony (Sommerfeld?) Manitoba

Name of Stitcher:

Type of Sampler:

Size of Sampler:
Width: 26cm
Height: 17cm



Description of condition:

Fabric Type:

Approximate thread count:

Embroidery thread type:
cotton, wool

Number of letters: Number of Alphabets: 5


Description of alphabets:

Number of sets of numerals:

Description of numerals:


Motifs: plants, animals

Type of stitches:

Name or initials on sampler:

Verse or Inscription:

Owner / Donor Story:

The sampler was stitched by Anna Sawatsky. Susan (Sawatsky) Siebel/Heibert gave sampler to Anne Glazov as they share the same name.

Married at the age of 20 to Henrich Sawatsky, Anna Sawatsky lost one of her hands in a farming accident when she was in her late teens (1888), so the sampler must have been made before this accident. She was the great grandmother to Anne Glazov.


Other Information:


No. of photographs:

Description of photographs:

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