Board of Directors

EAC/ACB Board meetings are open to any EAC/ACB member. To take part, contact the president by email to request your invitation. Upcoming board meetings are being held on: 

  • November 14, 2021, 1:30 pm eastern time
  • February 13, 2022, 1:30 pm eastern time
  • May 13 & 14, 2022, Toronto, Ontario

In order to safeguard our domain name, we have set up a contact page. Please use the form to contact any member of the board of directors.

Would you like to know a bit more about what a certain position is responsible for? Visit our page with the job description for all our positions.


  • President: Nicole McReavy
  • Vice-President: Amanda Baxter
  • Secretary: Terri Briggs
  • Treasurer: Diane Mugford
  • Past President: Dianna Thorne


  • Communications Director: vacant
  • Education Director: Linda Brenner
  • Membership Director: Rachel Janzen
  • Chapter Director: Mary Robertson
  • Individual Member Director: Diane Gershman

Appointees, Deputies & Assistants

  • Archives: Jane Boyko
  • Course Registrar: Arlene Chanel
  • Course & Test Student Coordinator: Paula Banerji
  • eThreads Editor: vacant
  • Technical Specialist: vacant
  • Formatting Specialist: Diane Mugford
  • Youth Embroiderers: Patti Guay
  • Heritage Collection: Anna Marie Winter
  • Photo Editor: vacant
  • Special Events Coordinator: vacant
  • Sampler Registrar: Anne Rowlands
  • Government Compliance Liaison: Terri Briggs
  • Leonida Leatherdale Library: Isla Marsh
  • Library Assistant: Shonna Froebel
  • Seminar 2022: Pia Kallas-Harvey and Heather James
  • Seminar 2023: Isla Marsh, Lorraine Iverach, Sharon Etsell


  • Translation: Louise Desmarais, Faith Cormier
  • Proofreaders: Linda Brenner, Louise Desmarais, Dina Iwanycky, Shannon Johnson
  • Website Team: Arlene Chanel, Dina Iwanycky, Kathryn Robicheau
  • Editorial Committee: Barbara Gilbert, Pat Bowley, Kathryn Robicheau