Logo/Wordmark Competition

EAC/ACB is holding a competition for a new logo/wordmark design that recognizes our English and French names and refreshes our public image. A prize of $500 will be awarded for the winning entry.

Judging will take place in May 2022. The winner will be notified at that time but must keep the entry and winning status confidential until Seminar 2023. The winning entry will be unveiled, and the winning designer announced then.

All questions and submissions should be directed to LogoCompetition@eac-acb.ca.

We want people to know that:

  • we are the Canadian embroidery group that people can join to learn and do embroidery
  • we are the Canadian embroidery group that makes people more aware of embroidery

The people we want to know this are 15 to 60 years old. They want to be creative, have fun and improve their skills. They also want to have a finished project that they can have in their home and share online. One of their criteria for a hobby may be that it is inexpensive, compact and mobile.

Competition Overview

  • This competition is open to everyone, not only EAC/ACB members.
  • Copyright of the winning entry must be assigned to EAC/ACB.
  • The winning entry must be provided as a vector file within two weeks of notification.
  • EAC/ACB is not required to use any of the entries, including the winning entry.

Design Criteria

  • The full name of the association in both languages must be included (Embroiderers’ Association of Canada, Inc./Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.).
  • If using initials in a graphic element, both “EAC” and “ACB” must appear.

The association’s name is long and in two languages, however, there are times when we must use our full name. In many cases, the initials of our English and French names are not enough to make what we do and offer clear. A logo or graphic element that works with a wordmark and expresses the association’s aim and purpose and can be used alone is ideal for us.

Some of the ways in which we will use the winning entry are:

  • Membership cards
  • Lapel pins
  • Letters, forms and other documents
  • Social media accounts
  • Website, including a favicon (an icon associated with an URL that is displayed in a browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list)
  • Magazine, posters, marketing materials

Learn more about EAC/ACB on our “About Us” page.

Rating Criteria

Entries will be rated on a scale of one to 10 for each of the following weighted criteria:

  • Distinctive x 3
  • Versatile x 3
  • Simple x 2
  • Timeless x 2
  • Appropriate x 2
  • Memorable x 1

How to Enter

All entries must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form and at least one image of the design. Additional supporting materials may be included.

  • All entries must be received electronically no later than midnight EST, December 31, 2021.
  • Logo/Wordmark Design Entry Form (fillable PDF)
    • Download and save the entry form to your device. Complete the form, save it, print and sign it. Then take a photo or scan both pages for submission.
  • Submit all of the required elements by email to LogoCompetition@eac-acb.ca.

Helpful Information

Links with helpful information about designing successful logos and wordmarks and the relationship between them: