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We all need them, we all make them! Let’s see yours! Share your name tag on Instagram. St. John’s Guild of Embroiderers is running an EAC/ACB members’ only contest on Instagram. No worries if you don’t have Instagram — you can just send images in an email to Susan Furneaux at susanfurneaux(insert the @ symbol in place of this statement)

At the end of September, a small prize will be awarded to one entry drawn from all submissions received. Good luck! Susan is looking forward to hearing from you.

If You Have an Instagram Account

If you have Instagram, the Insta is @embroiderystjohns. You can load pictures on and tag @embroiderystjohns to enter. The hashtags for the nametags are #embroiderednametag and #handembroiderednametag.

If You Don’t Have an Instagram Account

Send an image of your nametag with your pins, bits, and bobs attached. Include who designed it, its technique and how old it is. You can also add any anecdotes you like! Have more than one nametag? Enter twice or three times if you are that organized. Other than your first name and the info above, you will only be mentioned if you want to be tagged. If so, send along your Instagram account.

50th Name Tag | stitched by Diane Mugford | designed by Debby Mitek
50th Name Tag | stitched by Arlewyne Wingate
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    Thanks so much for posting! I am looking forward to getting some pics!

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