Speaker Series :: Japanese Embroidery :: Margaret Kinsey

Zoom Webinar

There are forms of embroidery that are special in Japan. They are highly respected art forms. Japanese traditional surface embroidery is adapted from Chinese embroidery, which has been practiced in Japan for more than 1600 years. It is an art form found in kimono and other textile arts. Rozashi is embroidery that is unique to […]


Speaker Series :: Bojagi :: Youngmin Lee

Bojagi (Korean Wrapping Cloths) are pieced together from small scraps of cloth. It is the most unique form of Korean textile art. Bojagi occupied a prominent place in the daily lives of Koreans of all classes. They were used to wrap or carry everything from precious ritual objects to everyday clothes and common household goods […]

Speaker Series :: Wild Silk: Tasar (Tussah), Muga and Eri :: Karen Selk

Zoom Webinar

Karen Selk will be presenting her story of learning about wild silk and the people who rear and care for the silkworms and make the silk. This event is free for EAC/ACB members. Members, log in to My EAC/Mon ACB, after April 1, to register for this Karen's presentation on Saturday, May 4, 2024. Karen […]