EAC/ACB Awards

Check the requirements for these awards carefully. Enquiries should be directed to the Education Director (

Past winners of the Original Design Award and the Pulled Thread Award may not enter the same category in the two years following their win.

The EAC/ACB award application materials  (entry forms and photos)  must be received by the Education Director by April 1, 2023

In addition, all award-specific application forms and members’ exhibit forms (including Original Design and Pulled Thread categories) must be submitted and received by the Seminar Committee by May 10, 2023.

Judging is done separately for the Original Design Award and Pulled Thread Award. All entries must be shipped and received by May 10, 2023. Ship to: Exhibition 2023, c/o Susanne Sulkers, 5167 Rebeck Road, Narol, MB R1C 0G2

Original Design Award: This award is based on an original embroidery with documentation to show the design process. There are two divisions, professional and non-professional. A separate application package for the Original Design Award is available on the EAC/ACB website or from the Education Director.

Pulled Thread Award: This award is for a pulled thread embroidery. A separate application package for the Pulled Thread Award is available on the EAC/ACB website or from the Education Director.

Display Only

Exhibition Only: This category is open to all current EAC/ACB members and Seminar 2023 instructors who would like to display their embroidery.

Education Display: Members who have completed EAC/ACB correspondence courses are invited to submit all material prepared in the course of their study for exhibition during the seminar.

The Leonida Leatherdale Award for Innovation in Embroidery

This award is given in honour of Leonida Leatherdale, the founder of both the Winnipeg Embroiderers’ Guild and the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada. This award will be presented for a work of needle art that best exemplifies Leonida’s vision and purpose, to encourage and promote the practice and knowledge of the art of embroidery in all its forms. The Leonida Leatherdale Award will be awarded for an original design or adaptation which takes the traditional art of Needlework and raises it to new heights. Use your imagination.

Seminar Theme Award

The Seminar Theme Award is chosen by EAC/ACB members attending the Members’ Exhibition. This competition is for original designs based on the seminar theme, “The Stitch Goes On”.

Each entry must be accompanied by a statement of one page or less outlining the development of the design. This statement will be displayed with the piece.

Entries must be worked with a threaded needle, have been completed in the previous three years before Seminar 2023 and not have been entered in any previous national EAC/ACB exhibition.

Seminar Group Project Award

The Seminar Group Project Award is chosen by EAC/ACB members and members of the public in attendance at the Members’ Exhibition.

A Seminar Group Project intent to submit notice must be received by the Seminar Committee ( by February 1, 2023. The intent to submit must state how many pieces are being submitted, whether they can be hung or displayed on a table and the dimensions of each piece.

The Seminar Group Project Participant’s Form and the Seminar Group Project Display Entry Form must be received by the Seminar Committee ( by April 1, 2023.

General Criteria for All Entries

Only EAC/ACB members are eligible to exhibit embroideries. You are not required to attend the seminar to be an exhibitor. Check all category requirements carefully. Each entry must be worked with a threaded needle and must not have been shown at a previous Seminar. The member entering the embroidery must have stitched the piece being entered. Any member may have embroidery displayed in the Exhibit Only Category. Instructors who are teaching at Seminar 2023 are not eligible for Viewers’ Choice Award or Seminar Theme Award competitions. They may enter the Exhibition Only Category. The Seminar Committee is not responsible for loss or damage.

An entry form must be completed for all pieces in the exhibition; even those for display only. It is understood that the entrants give permission for photos of their entry to be used for EAC/ACB and host chapter’s promotional purposes.

Exhibition Entries

It is recommended that embroideries with glass be hand-delivered. The piece must be appropriately equipped for hanging or display. The Exhibit Committee is not able to supply display equipment. Marks identifying the stitcher will be covered until voting has been completed. Receipts for entries will be issued. These are required when claiming pieces after the close of the Members’ Exhibition. Official photographs will be taken of all entries and may be used for promotional purposes by EAC/ACB and the host chapter.

Exhibition Entry Forms

The entry form and a colour photograph of the entry must be received by the Seminar Committee by April 1, 2023. Late entries will not be accepted. Email to or ship to Exhibition 2023 c/o Susanne Sulkers, 5167 Rebeck Road, Narol, MB R1C 0G2

Entries being Shipped

Shipping costs to and from the seminar are paid by the individual. Seminar 2023 will not cover these costs. Shipped entries must:

  • Arrive in a reusable box
  • Include a copy of the entry form
  • Include return postage and insurance
  • Include a self-addressed return label

Please have your identification on all packing materials. You will be advised via email when your piece arrives and when it is shipped for return. Shipped entries must arrive no later than May 10, 2023.

Entries Delivered in Person

Pieces being delivered in person must include a copy of the entry form. Entries must be dropped off at the Members’ Exhibition between noon and 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 5, 2023.