Registration for Seminar 2022 is now open! We have very tight deadlines for Seminar 2022. Please reserve your place as early as possible.

**Attn Covid-19 updates** As of September 22, 2021, the Ontario Government has mandated that all participants in meetings, conventions, sports events, restaurants etc show proof of vaccination along with ID at the entrance to all venues.”

If you do not have intentions to get fully vaccinated (and be two weeks out) prior to coming to Seminar 2022, please send a note to and your fee will be refunded.


Once you confirm that there is only one registration in your cart, click “Proceed to checkout” where you will select your classes and extra tickets for events.

All registrations received by November 1, 2021, will be treated equally for preference of classes. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Classes not having adequate registration by November 1, 2021, will be cancelled.

Registration is open to all members of EAC/ACB. If you are not already a member, simply complete the membership process before you register so that you have your membership number available.

Registration Process

All cheques or money orders must be in Canadian funds and made payable to “Seminar 2022”. E-transfers to are great! Credit card payments are accepted with online registration. Final class assignments will be sent electronically by November 30, 2021. Every effort will be made to place you in the class(es) of your choice.

Registration fees include classes, lunch and nutrition breaks (NEW), the Opening Reception, AGM Luncheon, and Banquet. The registration fee for partial registrants will include the class, lunch and nutrition breaks (NEW) and either the Opening Reception and AGM Luncheon or the Banquet.

The pre-registration fee of $100 includes a $50 non-refundable deposit and must accompany the registration form.

Full registration payment including kit fees must be received by December 31, 2021, to guarantee your registration. An invoice will be sent to you with your registration confirmation showing the balance owing, including kit fees. Payment may be made by personal cheque, money order, e-transfer or credit card.

Registration closes on March 1, 2022. After March 1, any registration requests will be at the discretion of the seminar committee in consultation with the teachers.

If you wish to do an e-transfer please send it to and title it “registration deposit.” Registration forms and a cheque or money order may be mailed to:

Carolyn Thomson, Registrar Seminar 2022
321 Niska Road
North York ON  M3N 2S2

  • Class assignments will be emailed by November 30, 2021, with an invoice showing the balance owing, including kit fees
  • Full payment, including kit fees, must be received by December 31, 2021, or upon receipt of your invoice, to guarantee your registration.

Seminar 2022 registration will use email exclusively for all communication, confirmation and/or contact to the registrant.  It is very important to ensure that you include an email address on your registration form.  The use of email will ensure the timely handling of seminar information.  If you do not have a personal email contact address, please give a trusted email contact who will forward any information to you.  Please note this on your registration form. 

Registration closes on March 1, 2022. After March 1, 2022, any requests for registration will be at the discretion of the seminar committee in consultation with the teachers.

Please direct comments or questions about your registration for Seminar 2022: Hues in Harmony to

Please Note

  • Infants and children are not permitted in any classes
  • Cell phones must be muted while in class
  • Cameras and/or recording equipment may only be used in a classroom with the instructor’s permission
  • We discourage the use of power cords in classrooms – BATTERY UP!
  • We ask that you respect those who are scent sensitive and avoid all scents including, perfumes, fragrant soaps, etc.
  • Be prepared to wear a suitable 3-ply mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, at all times

Class Cancellation

If Seminar 2022 cancels a class, participants will be offered alternate class choices. If no alternate is chosen, a full refund will be issued. Any travel and hotel costs incurred by the registrant due to cancellation are solely the responsibility of the registrant.


For cancellations by registrants up to the final payment date, December 31, 2021, a refund will be given less the non-refundable deposit ($50). All refunds will be paid through the seminar.

From the final payment date to 30 days before the seminar, a refund will be given less a 65% cancellation cost upon the death of the registrant, military requirements for the registrant, or the death of an immediate family member. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling.

29 to 0 days before the seminar, the EAC/ACB Board of Directors will review refunds based on the following:

  • A full refund will be given in the event of the death of the registrant.
  • A full refund will be given in the event of a member who is in the military and is unable to attend due to military requirements.
  • A full refund, minus a 65% cancellation cost will be given in the event of the death of a member of the immediate family. Kits will be mailed out.
  • A full refund, minus a 65% cancellation cost in the event of serious illness of the registrant or an immediate family member, or a natural disaster preventing the registrant’s attendance. Kits will be mailed out.

Requests for refunds must be submitted to before May 28, 2022.

Choosing Your Classes

  • Please read the course description carefully.
  • Rely on the description and level as your guide.
  • We are not responsible for the lack of success if a chosen course is beyond the registrant’s proficiency.
  • Photographs are helpful, but may not be exact.
  • We have tried to describe each class thoroughly.

Registration Pricing for Seminar and Classes

NEW!  All registrations include lunch, and morning and afternoon nourishment breaks daily!

$ 930 | One 4-day or Two 2-day (includes Reception, AGM Luncheon, and Banquet)

$465 | One 2-day (May 17-18) (includes Reception and AGM Luncheon)

$465 | One 2-day (May 20-21) (includes Gala Banquet)

$850 | One 2-day Class and 2 days stitching only (includes Reception, AGM Luncheon, Banquet)

$195 | One-Day Class (May 19)

$770 | Stitching Only – 4 days (includes Reception, AGM Luncheon, & Banquet)

$385 | Stitching Only – 2 days (May 17-18) (includes Reception and AGM Luncheon)

$385 | Stitching Only – 2 days (May 20-21) (includes Banquet)

$155 | Stitching Only – 1 day (May 19)

TBA | Excursions (May 19)                                

$40 | Extra Tickets: Opening Reception (May 16

$35 | Extra Tickets: AGM Luncheon (May 17)

$75 | Extra Tickets: Banquet (May 20)

$100 | Market Mall Table Rental (May 18) (Member)                                                                        

$125 | Market Mall Table Rental (May 18) (Non-Member)