Stitched out and want a break on options day, June 9? While in Winnipeg, we hope you will enjoy visiting many of our wonderful tourist attractions in the tours we have planned for you.

Prices are subject to adjustment as some details cannot be finalized until early 2023.

Buses used on the tours are airconditioned and are “kneeling” buses.

Tour 1 (Price: $100) Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) and The Forks

Morning component: Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR)

CMHR opened in 2014 – one year after the last seminar in Winnipeg in 2013. Since its opening, CMHR has garnered many awards for cultural tourism, architectural innovation as well as for educational and communications initiatives, amongst others.

A guided 90-minute walking tour will be given with the possibility of further exploration afterward. There is a possibility of a French guided tour if the numbers permit. Otherwise, the guides are bilingual so they can understand and answer questions in French.

Foldable, portable cane‐seats and wheelchairs are available at the museum. Visitors can use the elevator to ascend to the different levels instead of walking on the ramps.

Lunch will be in the Museum WOW restaurant before the afternoon component.

Afternoon component: The Forks

After lunch, you will be bused to The Forks. Take advantage of all that The Forks has to offer – an eclectic variety of venues for your shopping pleasure, The Forks National Historic Site, or the possibility of snacking in The Common. Adjacent to The Forks Market, there is the Johnston Terminal Antique Mall.

Tour 2 (Price: $115) Assiniboine Park Conservancy and Winnipeg Zoo

Morning component: Gardens at the Leaf – 90-minute walking tour

Canada is a garden of cultures living in harmony and thriving together. The Leaf is a stunning showcase of our diversity, expressed through plants that shape our lives here and across the globe. The Leaf – Canada’s Diversity Gardens – is the final major phase in the redevelopment of Assiniboine Park and Zoo which was launched in 2009.

The gardens are an expansive outdoor attraction that will change over time with the seasons and the years, offering a new adventure and exhilarating surprises.

Lunch will be in The Leaf restaurant.

Afternoon component: Journey to Churchill 60-minute walking tour

Prepare to connect with the Churchill landscape as we tour our Journey to Churchill exhibit in search of polar bears and other tundra animals. Your visit will take you through our Gateway to the Arctic building, where we will learn about how the climate is changing around Churchill and then go in search of action steps that we can use here at home to help Manitoba bears.

Tour 3 (Price: $110) Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum

Morning component: Museum and 60-minute walking tour

This museum is housed in Winnipeg’s oldest building, the Grey Nuns’ Convent (built 1846-51), with historic designations at the municipal, provincial and national levels. They also care for and manage a collection of 30,000 artifacts on behalf of countless families, organizations, congregations and parishes who have donated their belongings for posterity.

The Museum’s exhibits relate to topics such as the fur trade and early French-Canadian settlers of Manitoba, the Grey Nuns, the Métis people and Louis Riel, founding father of Manitoba. A beautiful chapel tells the dramatic story of St. Boniface’s churches, basilicas and cathedrals. A mixture of informative exhibits balances the experience with “tableaux vivant” rooms where visitors find themselves looking into a variety of scenes such as a bison hunt camp, a turn-of-the-century country kitchen and a 1920’s upper-middle-class city house.

The walking tour of the museum will be 60 minutes. There is a possibility of a French guided tour if the numbers permit. Otherwise, the guides are bilingual so they can understand and answer questions in French.

Lunch will be at Resto-Gare restaurant, known for consistently serving the best French cuisine in Winnipeg.. You will be bused to this family-owned eatery located in a 1913 St Boniface Train Station.

Afternoon component: The Women Who Made Us: 60-minute walking tour

Ranging from a clandestine kidnapping to a devastating candle-making accident. From the first women to make a salary in the Canadian west to the empire of healthcare established in St-Boniface. History reveals the contributions made by women who have forged our community.

This hour-long walking tour includes markers that celebrate architects, artists, authors, and contemporary artisans.