Accommodations and classes will be at Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, 1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Reservations will be made directly with the hotel. Information regarding accommodations will be included in the registration confirmation package you will receive in February 2023. There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. If you are driving, there is free parking at the hotel.

At the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre, you can book a double room or a single room. Each room includes a small fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

Meals will be available in the restaurant at the hotel and in the surrounding area.

Photo of a hotel room with a large bed, night tables, upholstered armchair, side table, credenza, three lamps and a large television mounted on the wall.
Single room with a king-size bed at Victoria Inn and Convention Centre.

Photo of a restaurant showing one level of a casual dining area and a ramp leading to a lower level.
Casual dining at Victoria Inn and Convention Centre.