Please complete and submit this form before the posted deadline. This form is to be completed by the group coordinator.

    The information provided in this form will be helpful to viewers at the Members’ Exhibition. It will be displayed so people understand the criteria and restrictions stitchers considered and met while creating their entry.

    Since this document/information will be displayed with your pieces at the Members’ Exhibition, do not indicate the chapter name or other identifying words in the project title.

    Each piece of embroidery entered requires a completed Members' Exhibition Entry Form by the due date. For example, if eight people each embroider one piece and group those eight pieces as one entry, each person must complete an entry form. One entry form must be completed if eight people embroider on the same piece and enter that one piece.

    Please provide the title of the group project to all group members so they can include it on their entry form.

    Participant & Piece Details

    Please upload a list with the group participants' names and the approximate height, width and depth (in centimetres) and the type of piece they will enter (framed hanging, unframed hanging, flat, stand-alone). Your file can be in a .txt or .pdf format. Need help uploading your file? Email or call 705-471-4016 (Eastern).