The intent to submit deadline is February 1, 2023. This form is to be completed by the group coordinator.

    Each piece of embroidery entered requires a completed Members' Exhibition Entry Form no later than April 14, 2023. For example, if eight people each embroider one piece and group those eight pieces as one entry, each person must complete an entry form. One entry form must be completed if eight people embroider on the same piece and enter that one piece.

    Seminar Group Project entries without a completed entry form by the deadline will not be displayed.

    Please remember to complete the Seminar Group Project Form to inform viewers about your project.

    Please provide a description of the piece(s) you expect to be submitted. Include the type of piece(s) (framed hanging, unframed hanging, stand-alone, or lay flat) and the approximate height, width and depth in centimetres for each piece. The goal is to give the exhibition volunteers an idea of how much space your entry(ies) will need for display.