The virtual classes are of different lengths and formats. Each instructor has set up times and the number of instruction hours based on those of an in-person class. A teaching day is six hours. For a virtual four-day class, there are 24 hours of teaching time. Those hours could be in one, two, or three-hour blocks, as many as needed to make up the required number of hours. Teaching time may be live on Zoom or, prerecorded, or whatever method the teacher has established.

Virtual classes have a postage charge for the mailing costs. Many instructors cannot accept international students because of the high postage rates and the difficulties of obtaining supplies elsewhere.

701:  Crazy Patch by Hazel Blomkamp

A photo of the 701 class project; a rectangular piece made up of several fabrics in various shapes. The seams and surface of the fabrics are embellished with embroidery, lace beads, etc., making them colourful and heavily textured.

Participants in this workshop will work on printed sample fabric when learning the thread and ribbon stitches. These pieces of fabric will ultimately form the pages of a rag book, the cover of which will be embellished with crazy patch. The kit will consist of a made-up piece of crazy patch, which measures 150 x 230 mm, ready for embellishment by participants using the techniques that they have learnt in the workshop. Once complete, the rag book will not only provide a vehicle for learning and practise, but will also become a reference book for future projects.

June 20, 24, July 1 & 15 at 11 am EST

Technique: Crazy Patch  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate Advanced  ::  Pre–Work: None  ::  Size: 150 cm x 230 cm  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $177 + $29.95 Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork + $70 postage

702:  Starstruck by Susan Harrington

A photo of the 702 class project; a dark canvas background with various colourful star shapes embroidered in different canvaswork techniques.

There is no doubt that stars are magical entities. After all, we have wished on them long before Jiminy Cricket told us to. They come in all sizes, shapes, colours, and densities. I invite you to see the night sky through my eyes. In this class, we will stitch stars that are made with a variety of stitches – Jessica, Smyrna Cross, Mistake Stitch, Back Stitch, Amadeus, and others. We will use different threads – cotton, silk, and several different metallics, all against a sparkling midnight sky.

3-hour class June 20, 22, 27, 29, July 4, 6, 11 and 13 at 1 pm EST

Technique: Counter Canvas  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate  ::  Pre-Work: Pre-stitching required   ::  Size: 10” x 10”  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $115 + $22 postage