The virtual classes are of different lengths and formats. Each instructor has set up times and the number of instruction hours based on those of an in-person class. A teaching day is six hours. For a virtual one-day class, there are six hours of teaching time. Those hours could be in one, two, or three-hour blocks, as many as needed to make up the required number of hours. Teaching time may be live on Zoom or, prerecorded, or whatever method the teacher has established.

Virtual classes have a postage charge for the mailing costs. Many teachers cannot accept international students because of the high postage rates and the difficulties of obtaining supplies elsewhere.

601:  A Gift of Flowers by Kathryn Drummond CANCELLED

A photo of class project 601. An embroidered wreath with a cluster of flowers on the lower left. The flowers and foliage are worked in dimensional techniques.

602:  Berry Beautiful by Naomi Smith

A photo of the 602 class project. A round bead embroidery with two berries and foliage surrounded by borders.

Participants will learn how to make a wearable art piece utilizing raised bead techniques with double and single beaded edge.

4-hour lessons on June 17, 18 and 24 from 11 am EST

Technique: Raised Bead Embroidery, Double and Single Beaded Edge  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 4” around  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $75 + $22 postage

603:  Muskoka Retreat by Kim Beamish CANCELLED

A photo of the 603 class project. A white-on-white pulled thread embroidery with a cabin in a forested area next to a lake.

604:  Orchid Blast by Lorene Salt

A photo of the 604 class project. A Bargello embroidery radiating from a small uncentred motif.

I have always enjoyed Bargello – the colour schemes, the interesting shapes and the creativity of position. When I finished “Orchid Blast” it looked like an artistic interpretation of a flower being looked at from an aerial view. Students will learn how to manipulate the design to form a freeform type Bargello pattern which adds movement to this design. An additional off-centre plaited ray motif surrounded by the “shells” from the outside border adds interest to this piece. We use #3 Perle Cotton in this project as it is thicker and the coverage is better. The piece is further brought to life by the addition of Metallic Ribbon.

3 hour lessons on June 21st, 28th, July 5th and 12th at 6 pm EST

Technique: Bargello Counted Canvas  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 11” x 11”  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $125 + $22 postage

605:  Primavera Pin Cube by Kathryn Drummond CANCELLED

A photo of the 606 class project. A 3-D block with flowers and foliage on each side worked with a variety of punto antico stitches.

606:  Silver Kogin Project Bag by Natalie Dupuis CANCELLED

A photo of the 606 class project. A long-handled fabric bag with a geometric band of couched silver twist along the bottom of the front.

607:  The Happy Hussif by Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes CANCELLED

A photo of the 607 class project. An embroidered rolled case worked in a variety of counted stitch patterns.

608:  The Land Provides by Naomi Smith

A photo of the 608 class project. A beadwork piece with flowers and foliage.

In this course, participants will learn how to make an Indigenous flat floral beadwork sampler. Participants will learn flat floral beadwork techniques. The sampler is suitable for framing. 

Technique: Flat Bead Embroidery  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work:  None  ::  Size: 6” round  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $75 + $22 postage

609:  The Prince’s Thistle by Kathy Andrews

A photo of the 609 class project. A stylized thistle flower and leaves worked with surface and counted embroidery techniques.

After the Battle of Culloden in April 1746, in Scotland, Prince Charles left behind, in his baggage, a beautiful and extremely seditious piece of silver – his travelling canteen. It was later found abandoned on Culloden battlefield. The canteen was finally acquired by the National Museums of Scotland in 1984. It is this thistle, beautifully inscribed on the canteen, on which our crewelwork piece is based.

During this two-day class, students will learn to work stem stitch, padded satin stitch, laid and couched work, interlaced chain stitch, shaded turkey work and chain stitch. This class is suitable for all levels.

We will look at images of the canteen and learn more about the symbolism of the Jacobite movement in Scotland.

3-hour lessons on June 17, 18, 24 and 25 from 2 to 5 pm EST

Technique: Crewelwork  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 10” x 6”  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $100 + $22 postage

610:  The View from Venice by Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes CANCELLED

A photo of the 610 class project. A canvaswork embroidery with four squares within a square surrounded by a multi-row border.

611:  Winter Kaleidoscope by Lorene Salt

A photo of the 611 class project. An embroidery of a cross-section of an iceberg worked in a variety of canvaswork stitches.

“Winter Kaleidoscope” is the final installment in the “Four Seasons Kaleidoscope” Collection. I was inspired to create a contemporary version of what a cross-section of an iceberg might look like while also incorporating the vibrant blue, crisp, cold sky colours of winter here in Canada. The part above the waterline is lighter and smaller, and the part below the waterline is larger and darker as it is in nature. I used a colour palette of mauve, turquoise, and blue in a variety of tints, tones and shades, as well as a hint of yellow to depict my version of winter. This piece also incorporates the Northern Lights as well as a gradual darkening of the sea as you go deeper into the water. All of this says “Winter” to me, but I have also added many metallics, as well as a few beads and pearls to show the sun reflecting off the iceberg on a very cold day.

“Winter Kaleidoscope” incorporates string art, needlepoint and laid filling stitches. The student will pre-stitch the Mosaic and Tied Cross border and the Smyrna Grid. The overall design integrates many different stitches, including various sizes of Jessicas and a Starfle. Techniques include Bargello, Bias Bargello, Diaper Patterns, and Laid Fillings. This class will appeal to those students who would like to try new techniques while challenging themselves by mastering complex canvaswork stitches. There are about 6-8 hours of prework for this piece. If mosaic and tied cross border and the Smyrna stitch grid are in place before class, we can have a much more productive class experience as we fill in the sections with various intricate and amazing stitch motifs.

3-hour lessons on June 20, 27, July 4 and 11 at 6 pm EST

Technique: Canvaswork  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced  ::  Pre-Work: Approximately 6 – 8 hours  ::  Size: 10” x 10”  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $200 + $22 postage