The virtual classes are of different lengths and formats. Each instructor has set up times and the number of instruction hours based on those of an in-person class. A teaching day is six hours. For a virtual one-day class, there are six hours of teaching time. Those hours could be in one, two, or three-hour blocks, as many as needed to make up the required number of hours. Teaching time may be live on Zoom or, prerecorded, or whatever method the teacher has established.

Virtual classes have a postage charge for the mailing costs. Many instructors cannot accept international students because of the high postage rates and the difficulties of obtaining supplies elsewhere.

501:  Beautiful Bonbons by Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes CANCELLED

A photo of the 501 class project. Three pieces of embroidery made to resemble wrapped candies and one close-up. The wrapped candies are covered with fabric, tied with ribbons and finished with a canvaswork band with star and leaf motifs.

502:  Petite Fleur – Raised Beaded Flower Pin and Pendant by Naomi Smith

A photo of the 502 class project. A five-petaled flower worked in beads.

In this course, participants will learn the technique of raised bead embroidery with a double beaded edge. A heavy beading foundation on black deer hide will be used.

July 8 and 9 from 11 am to 3 pm EST

Technique: Raised Bead Embroidery, double beaded edge  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 2 1/4” x 2 1/4” around  ::  Kit available in Canada and the US only: $58 + $22 postage

503:  Pretty Paisley Mandala by Hazel Blomkamp CANCELLED

A photo of the 504 class project. A round embroidery with a central leaf motif surrounded by five paisley lobes. The piece is worked in surface and bead embroidery techniques.