2-Day Classes: May 17 – 18

201 Aspire Sampler | Pat Armour

201 Aspire Sampler by Pat Armour

Stitched on a ground of white linen twill, this inspiring sampler is stitched with embroidery floss and beads in a variety of composite stitches. Samplers are thought of as a counted technique, but no one says that surface stitchers can’t have a sampler too. Illustrated instructions, as well as all materials to create the embroidery, are included in the kit. Rich, bright, and subdued colourways accent the words that can be an inspiration for the stitcher or for a special someone in your life.

Technique: surface  |  Skill Level: beginner to intermediate  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 17 x 27 cm (7 x 10 ¾ in)  |  Kit cost: $50

202 The Rainbow | Kate Barlow

202 The Rainbow by Kate Barlow

This super sparkly rainbow is worked in traditional counted blackwork patterns, but who says blackwork has to be black!  DMC stranded cotton and metallic threads in bright, cheerful colours are used to work nine different counted patterns on a 28-count evenweave fabric. Once the patterns in the sections of the rainbow are complete, they are outlined in stem stitch. The fluffy clouds are finished with a whipped backstitch, and tiny sequins are added amongst the cloud patterns for that extra bit of twinkle. This class is perfect for those who enjoy counted techniques or the cross stitcher who wants to try something different. 

Technique: blackwork  |  Skill level: all  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 18 x 16 cm (7 x 6 ¼ in)  |  Kit cost: $70

203 Muskoka Landscape | Kim Beamish

203 Muskoka Landscape by Kim Beamish

Muskoka Landscape is a reflection of the region Kim calls home. This is a monochromatic scene. This piece combines pulled thread and surface embroidery techniques. Stitches include ringed back, reeded stitch, buttonhole stitch and satin stitch. The design, through the use of various stitches and different threads, creates texture. Discussion of the choice of stitches to create dimension and change in scale of filling patterns will be part of the class discussion. Students will need to come prepared to transfer designs to fabric. Complete instructions and diagrams will be provided.

Technique: whitework  |  Skill Level: intermediate  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 in)  |  Kit cost: $70

204 Colour Interactions in Embroidery | Katherine Diuguid

204 Colour Interactions in Embroidery by Katherine Diuguid

This course introduces students to the colour theory of Impressionist painters and applies this knowledge to colour mixing in embroidery. Students will be guided through a series of exercises to challenge their colour mixing with thread utilizing basic embroidery stitches. Each student will work on a sampler of basic stitches and will compile a notebook of references and resources addressing embroidery and colour theory. Embroidery techniques addressed include basic embroidery stitches such as straight stitch, chain stitch, French knots, and cross stitch.

Additionally, students will create a notebook addressing colour mixing and colour theory.

Technique: colour design and theory  |  Skill Level: beginner  |  Pre-work: none  | Homework: none  |  Size: 20 cm (8 in)  |  Kit cost: $75

205 CANCELLED Insertion Stitches Primer | Barbara Gilbert

206 Home Gnomes | Jo Gatenby

206 Home Gnomes by Jo Gatenby

Choose from three 3D figures – Knitting Gnome, Stitching Gnome or Female Gnome (an exclusive design created especially for Hues in Harmony). Create an adorable figure as you stitch and assemble 3D needlework. Learn a joining method, how to attach immovable beads, as well as a twisted pearl cotton technique (used for the beard) which can be used in other sculpted needlework – it makes great moss!

Students should be proficient at cross-stitch; all other techniques/stitches will be taught in class. Knitting Gnome requires basic knitting skills. By the end of class, students will be comfortable working in 3D, have at least partially completed their gnome, and be familiar with the finishing steps required. Optional charms kit available.

Technique: 3D cross stitch   | Skill level: beginner to intermediate    | Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Sizes: 18 cm (7 in), 15 cm (6 in), or 13 cm (5 in)  |  Kit cost: $30

207 Elizabethan Plum Tree | Mike Parr

207 Elizabethan Plum Tree by Mike Parr

This class involves instruction in surface embroidery and historic goldwork techniques. The techniques in this design are all taken from an Elizabethan Guild crown that is not on public display. Many of the techniques found on the crown do not exist on any other surviving piece of embroidery. Students will use long and short stitch, satin stitch, gold couching, and burden stitch. In addition, you will learn the application of spangles, also the cutting and application of broad plate. Students will also learn previously unknown techniques to create strapping with gold-plated jewellers’ wire. Threads used are DMC floss, Soie Gobelins, Pipers Silk, Soie Ovale, Threadworx floss. Metallics include gilt broad plate, super pearl purl, bright check pearl, and gold tambour thread.

Technique: goldwork  |  Skill Level: intermediate  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 11 x 16 cm (4 ½ x 6 ½ in)  |  Kit cost: $120

208 Poppies in a Copper Bowl | Gail Sirna

208 Poppies in a Copper Bowl by Gail Sirna

Poppies are a joyous celebration of earthly fertility, found especially in Europe and some places in America. To many, they symbolize the fallen soldier and especially poignant in the military graveyards in Europe. But they grow elsewhere in the old countries and are a lovely addition to the landscape. In this design, the poppies are stitched in a variety of silk threads:  Soie d’Alger, Gloriana, straw silk, silk ribbon, plus some Kreinik and Accentuate.

Each poppy is worked in a different stitch or technique, such as needlelace, diaper pattern couching, long and short stitch, and a variety of embroidery and canvaswork stitches. Thus, each poppy is a small exploration of the technique or stitch and is readily completed in a short time.

Technique: surface  |  Skill level: intermediate  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 16 x 28 cm (6 ½ x 11 in)  |  Kit cost: $210

FULL 209 In the Sweet Fields of Grass and Glass | Naomi Smith

209 In the Sweet Fields of Grass and Glass by Naomi Smith

This workshop takes a step into the past. The art of sewing sweetgrass together into all manner of things is something the Great Lakes people were accustomed to. This session focuses on the basics of creating a sweetgrass basket with a beadwork top. Participants will create a beaded design on the lid of their base and learn how to work with sweetgrass. In addition to basket-making methods, raised beading techniques will be explored.

Technique: mixed  |  Skill level: all  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 13 x 9 cm (5 x 3 ½ in)  |  Kit cost: $70

210 Stitching Only

If you wish to enjoy two days of stitching on your own projects with like-minded registrants, then the stitching-only option is for you. You will have a private lounge (no outside food or drink) with comfortable chairs, a few tables, and windows. Your lunch, as well as morning and afternoon nourishment breaks, are included. A class angel will be in the lounge to ensure you know “what and where” for the seminar.