Two-Day Classes

May 19-20

201 Elizabethan Cherry Tree • Mike Parr

an embroidered tree with stylized, big cherries, leaves and dragonflies embroidered with gold and silk thareds
201 Elizabethan Cherry Tree • Mike Parr

The techniques in this design are all taken from an Elizabethan guild crown that is held in a private collection. Many of the techniques found on this crown do not exist on any other surviving piece of embroidery.
You will learn goldwork techniques recovered from the 16th century as well as long and short stitch, satin stitch, gold couching, and burden stitch. In addition, students will practice the application of spangles and the cutting and application of broad plates. You’ll also learn to create strapping with gold plated jeweller’s wire.

Threads used are DMC floss, Soie Gobelins, Pipers silk, Soie Ovale, Threadworx floss. Metallics include gilt broad plate, super pearl purl, bright check pearl and gold tambour thread.

Technique: goldwork, surface embroidery | Skill level: intermediate
Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 4″ x 6.5″ (10 cm x 16.5 cm)
Kit cost: $120

202 Lighthouses – Sketching with Thread • Joyce Gill

In this beginner needlepainting class, you will choose from several options of Canadian lighthouses to sketch in cotton floss on polyester dupioni-weave fabric. A palette of cotton flosses is supplied, along with fabrics, needles, backing board and a five- by seven-inch mat for framing.

The class will cover techniques for skies, water, structures, rocks and vegetation in detail. A descriptive coil-bound booklet is provided. The goal is to give you the skills to apply to your own photos.

Technique: needlepainting | Skill level: basic/intermediate
Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 3″ x 5″ (7.6 cm x 12.7 cm)
Kit cost: $60

203 Making Stitches Work • Carolyn Mitchell

a rectangular cushion with texture stripes of embroidery
203 Making Stitches Work • Carolyn Mitchell

This course will ease you into designing your own canvas piece. You will create a design from start to finish, with step by step instructions. The size of the finished piece will vary according to your design.

You’ll bring your own threads and canvas and can make this a stash buster project. You will receive information about the canvas and threads you should bring with your class confirmation.

The 60-page workbook has two designs that you can use or adapt if desired. The workbook includes many canvaswork stitches with diagrams and instructions.

Technique: design/canvaswork | Skill level: intermediate/advanced
Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: various | Kit cost: $35

204 Scorched • Janet Scruggs

rectangle of fabric with rings of gold-coloured circles and red embroidery c
204 Scorched • Janet Scruggs

You probably remember writing secret messages with lemon juice as a child. What a delight it was to hold a candle to the paper and see the message magically appear!

Come and enjoy that magic again. You will learn to use scorched lemon juice as a surface design technique for textiles.

This eco-friendly “paint” can be manipulated with thickeners to enable you to produce clear images. You will be learning various ways to use lemon juice: as a paint; with stencils and masks; with Thermofax screens; with sponges and sprays; and with shibori stitched resists.

Technique: design/techniques | Skill level: all  | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: variety of samples | Kit cost: $20

205 Bead and Button Book Cover • Barbara Gilbert

a felt piece of fabric with buttons and embroidery decoration
205 Bead and Button Book Cover • Barbara Gilbert

This is your chance to create your own garden of blooming flowers with many simple stitches on 100% felted wool felt. Buttons or beads form the centers of the flowers and stitches, using pearl cotton threads, shape the petals. Or you can create an abstract design instead of a floral arrangement. You will be planning your own stitch design for the book cover. The stitches can include chain, lazy daisy, pistil, French knots, straight, fly, and whipped spider webs.

The background colour of the hand-dyed wool will be your choice. You will be supplying your own pearl cotton threads. You can bring extra beads, buttons and/or thread to embellish your book cover. You are in charge of this garden!

Technique: surface embroidery | Skill level: all | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 6″ x 8″ (15.2 cm x 20.3 cm) | Kit cost: $45

206 Mint Candy Garden • Carol Storie

hardanger style flat mat with diagonal motifs
206 Mint Candy Garden • Carol Storie

This eye-catching piece can be finished as a centrepiece or as a picture. Stitches you’ll learn include satin stitch motifs, half-web center circle and rosette (Struvor) filling stitches and eyelets.

This design is stitched on 22-count Hardanger with Caron Collection Watercolors and DMC #8 pearl cotton threads. Instructions for hemstitching will also be included.

Technique: Hardanger with eyelets | Skill level: basic intermediate
Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 9.25″ x 9.25″ (23.5 cm x 23.5 cm) Kit cost: $42

207 Inside Out or Outside In • Diane Scott

207 Inside Out or Outside In • Diane Scott

Colours of jade, sapphire, ruby and gold are used to stitch jewel shapes in a unique 3-dimensional caddy. You will choose how to best display your stitches, on the outside with a stitched inner panel, or all on the inside? Stitched on 18-count mono canvas, each panel shows a jewel shape stitched on the grain, then on the bias to give students a demonstration of how the stitch direction affects canvas coverage.

Fibres used are Caron Collection Watercolors, silk floss and pearl, cotton floss and pearl and metallics. Instructions will include a demonstration of finishing techniques to produce a dimensional object from a flat canvas shape. The caddy is lined with a suede-like fabric.

Pre-work will consist of stitching the outline. Suitable for students with some previous canvas experience.

Technique: canvaswork | Skill level: intermediate  | Pre-work: 8 hours
Homework: none | Size: 5″ x 5″ x 3″ (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 7.6 cm)
Kit cost: $80

208 Nigel the Flamingo • Hazel Blomkamp

an embroidered flamingo on an embroidered background fabric
208 Nigel the Flamingo • Hazel Blomkamp

Featured in Hazel’s book, Crewel Birds, this ornate and beaded flamingo is colourful and interesting. It includes many crewel stitches, needle lace techniques and bead embroidery stitches.

This class will open up a world of possibilities for the already accomplished embroiderer and is for stitchers who have a good basic knowledge of the art. It will particularly appeal to the embroiderer who enjoys stitching fine, detailed embroidery.

The workshop will cover all the stitches and techniques used in the design but, because of their range and diversity, you will be taught on a fabric sampler. This will make it possible to cover everything in class and will mean that you will go home with a reference for what you need to do when working on the project.

Technique: crewel | Skill level: intermediate/advanced | Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none | Size: 12.5″ x 11″ (31.75 cm x 28 cm) | Kit cost: $120

209 3D Golden Octopus • Georgina Bellamy

a three-dimensional octopus embroidered with gold
209 3D Golden Octopus • Georgina Bellamy

In this three-dimensional sampler class, you’ll make a dimensional goldwork octopus. You will learn the fundamentals of pad work in preparation for the laying of the metal threads, the building of a shape, how to lay various metal threads around the structure and how to attach the finished creation to an assortment of items.

Technique: goldwork  | Skill level: basic/intermediate  | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 7″ (17.8 cm) | Kit cost: $70

210 Stitching-Only