Two-Day Classes

May 22-23

301 Kaleidoscope Peony • Mike Parr

a stylized flower with outlined ares filled with different colours and embroidery stitches
301 Kaleidoscope Peony • Mike Parr

Inspired by looking at a peony flower from above, this class is a festival of traditional crewel stitches blended with needle lace and needle weaving techniques. It is a great way to learn or update your skills in surface embroidery.

Stitches involved are satin, long and short, laid trellis work, whipped chain, French and coral knots. In addition, the creation of a needle lace pattern using tailor’s buttonhole stitch will be taught. Working an area with needle weaving will also be covered.

Threads used are DMC floss, DMC Silver, DMC spécial dentelles 80 worked on a background of ecru cotton.

Technique: surface embroidery | Skill level: intermediate | Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 4.5″ x 6.5″ (11.4 cm x 16.5 cm) | Kit cost: $35

302 Up the Beanstalk • Joyce Gill

a long embroidered panel with a castle at the top and a leafy stem rising to it from the bottom
302 Up the Beanstalk • Joyce Gill

Adventures with Jack- Up the Beanstalk presents a fun sampler of stitches, both surface and counted, which should appeal to all levels. A leafy beanstalk winds upward through the clouds to the castle at the top. Each leaf and cloud will be filled with a different filler stitch in a variety of variegated Valdani pearl #8 threads.

The kit contains a coil-bound booklet with all stitch instructions, as well as half-balls of nine Valdani threads, several other threads, a needle and a pre-drawn pattern on 25-count Floba fabric.

Technique: surface/counted thread | Skill level: all | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 6” x 26” (15.2 cm x 66 cm) | Kit cost: $60

303 Elements • Carolyn Mitchell

a textured embroidered tray with a central motif
303 Elements • Carolyn Mitchell

This bright and lively geometric design can be made up as a tray or picture; the choice is yours. You get to choose your element from two colourways: fire (reds, oranges, yellows) and earth (blues, greens, purples).

There are over 25 stitches incorporated into this design, including eyelets, trellis, Jessicas, Amadeus star, giant sprats heads, waffles, buttonhole edging, and couching, to name a few.

The delightful selection of fibres includes Neon Rays Plus, Soie Cristale, Caron Collection Watercolours, #12 braid, classic silk, overdyed Vineyard silk, #5 and # 8 pearl cotton, and floss. The design is embellished with Margarita crystals, 3mm and 4mm crystal bicones, beads, and snaps.
Tray finishing instructions are included; a fat quarter of fabric is required.

Technique: canvaswork | Skill level: intermediate | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 12″x 9″ (30.5 cm x 22.8 cm) | Kit cost: $105

304 Creative Design • Janet Scruggs

an abstract embroidery with wavy edges and rays coming from a point in the lower right of the piece
304 Creative Design • Janet Scruggs

This workshop will give you an opportunity to create your own design and take it through to an embroidered piece. From a photograph, we will create the design, learning about the importance of a focal point along the way.
Once we have a design, we will look at colour schemes and colour our designs. From there, it is on to translating the design into a small free-embroidered piece. We will compare line vs. shape as choices in embroidering the design.

Technique: colour and design | Skill level: all | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 6″ x 6″ or 8″ (15.2 cm x 15.2 cm or 20.3 cm) | Kit cost: $5

305 Exploring Silk Fusion • Barbara Gilbert

a small embroidered pocket-like pouch with a long narrow strap
305 Exploring Silk Fusion • Barbara Gilbert

Explore the creation of silk fusion or silk paper using the raw silk fibres from silk roving. Make a textured “scrunchie” from the silk fusion. The first day of the class will be spent making the silk fusion using two different methods and planning the project – book cover or bag. You will have a variety of colour choices for the silk fusion that you make.

The second day will focus on making the project of your choice; the cutting of the silk, and the embellishing with stitches and beads. Finishing techniques for the project will be discussed in class.

You can bring extra beads, buttons and/or threads to embellish your silk fusion.

Technique: silk paper making | Skill level: all | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 10″ x 18″(25.4 cm x 45.7 cm), varies depending on the choice of final project | Kit cost: $75

306 Waves of Lavender • Carol Storie

a square Hardanger style of embroidery with triangles of solid embroidery and four central squares and panels
306 Waves of Lavender • Carol Storie

This contemporary piece can be finished as a centrepiece or as a picture. Stitches include klosters, needle weaving, doves’ eyes, half web centre circle filling stitch, Bargello, and eyelets.

Waves of Lavendar is stitched on 22-count Hardanger with Caron Collection Watercolours and DMC #5, #8, and #12 pearl cotton threads. Instructions for hemstitching will also be included.

Students with a basic level of either Bargello or Hardanger will be comfortable with this design.

Technique: Hardanger | Skill level: basic/intermediate | Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 10″ x 10″ (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) | Kit cost: $45

307 Harlequin Parcel • Diane Scott

a four-sided triangular embroidered purse that opens on one side
307 Harlequin Parcel • Diane Scott

Bright crayon colours combine to create a harlequin design on a four-sided triangular pyramid called a tetrahedron. Stitched on 18-count mono canvas, the project displays an assortment of canvas stitches using a variety of stitching fibres.

Fibres used are Caron Collection Watercolors, silk floss and pearl, cotton floss and pearl and metallics. Instructions will include a demonstration of finishing techniques to produce a dimensional object from a flat canvas shape.

The finished caddy is lined and can be finished with a zipper closure. The canvas can also be finished as a 6″ x 6″ needlebook.

Technique: canvaswork | Skill level: basic/intermediate
Pre-work: 6 hours stitching outlines | Homework: none
Size: 5″x 5″ x 6″ (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 15.2 cm) | Kit cost: $80

308 Owlfred • Hazel Blomkamp

an embroidered owl with a floral chest and body
308 Owlfred • Hazel Blomkamp

Owlfred is an unconventional take on a common bird of prey inspired by a painting of an owl made of metal spare parts and a clock face tummy seen in an art gallery window. Measuring 360 x 200 mm, it is a large but interesting and fun project that will keep you busy for a while. Once finished and framed, it will deserve pride of place on any wall.

This project is not for beginners, but stitchers with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of embroidery will not only enjoy the project but are likely to add to their stitch and techniques repertoire when doing the workshop.

Because the workshop will cover all the stitches and techniques used in the design, participants will be taught on a fabric sampler. This will make it possible to cover everything in class and will mean that you will go home with a reference for what you need to do when working on the project. (Just for fun, the fabric sampler has the outlines for a stuffed owl pattern printed on it and the teaching kit comes with instructions to make up the owl should you wish to do so.)

Using space-dyed Chameleon threads, DMC cottons and metallics, Miyuki beads and Czechoslovakian flat back crystals, this project covers a huge variety of stitches and techniques.

Technique: crewel | Skill Level: intermediate/advanced | Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 14.125″ x 7.875″ (36 cm x 20 cm) | Kit cost: $271

309 3D Goldwork Lizard • Georgina Bellamy

a three-dimensional lizard embroidered with gold
309 3D Goldwork Lizard • Georgina Bellamy

This class focuses on the creation of a three-dimensional lizard. There will be plenty of opportunities to change your colours in class. Students will learn the basics of high relief pad work, the laying of precious metals and some advanced goldwork techniques including s-ing.

Technique: goldwork | Skill level: basic/intermediate  | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 6″ (15.2 cm) | Kit cost: $55

310 Stitching Only