IN-PERSON 1-DAY CLASSES, Options Day: June 9

101:  Celebration Bowtie by Mike Parr

A photo of the class 101 project; a bowtie made with an embroidered piece of fabric. Some of the designs are stylized musical instruments and musical notes.

Celebrate the EAC/ACB’s 50th anniversary in true sartorial style by stitching your own unisex bowtie. This 1-day class will allow you to create your own unique design, or make one of three already completed designs. Recently bowties have made a comeback in the fashion world for men, and they have long been part of women’s fashion since Marlene Dietrich first made the tie a sensation for women in the 1930s. In class, we will use simple stitches to make a traditional bowtie design that can be worn either tied or in the open manner. The class will also include a lesson on how to tie a traditional bowtie. Ground fabric will be muslin and participants will choose their own colours from the DMC collection.

Technique: Surface Embroidery  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: TBA  ::  Kit Cost: $45

102:  Dragonfly Opulence by Alison Cole

A photo of the 102 class project. A small round box with a 3-D embroidered dragonfly on organza with beads, gold purl and check purl.

Dragonfly Opulence is embroidered in stumpwork and goldwork in elegant navy and gold – worked in English gilt metal threads, specialty threads and antique beads on navy silk organza and silk dupion before being mounted on a Japanese tea canister. The kit includes all fabrics, threads, beads, wires and the tea canister – there are two different tea canisters to choose from: Navy/Gold Fan design or Gold/Blue Cherry Blossom. The tin size is 7.3cm in diameter and 3.2cm high not including the embroidery.

Technique: Stumpwork  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 6cm x 7cm (not including the canister)  ::  Kit Cost: $60

103:  Floral Broach by Kim Beamish

A photo of the 103 class project; a broach of flowers and leaves made with fabric embroidered in the pulled-thread technique and embellished with pearls.

This cute floral broach is created with pulled thread embroidery. Students can choose from two filling patterns for their flower. Instructions for both fillings will be included. Class time will focus on the filling patterns and assembly so students may finish the piece at home.

Technique: Pulled Thread  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 2 1/2” x 3”  ::  Kit Cost: $50

104:  Furoshiki Wrapped Pin Cushion by Barbara Gilbert

A photo of two examples of the 104 class project; a pincushion with colourful patterned fabric wrapped with an embroidered cover that features small tassels at each corner.

Spend a relaxing day sashiko stitching a design on your prepared furoshiki piece. Furoshiki is the Japanese term for a wrapping cloth. Learn a very simple technique for making a tassel and attach one to each corner. The tassels act as the tie to hold the parcel together. Stuff your pincushion with crushed walnut shells (or polyester stuffing) and you have a completed project by the end of the day!

Technique: Sashiko  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 5” x 5”  ::  Kit Cost: $30

105:  We Remember II • Indigenous Beaded Poppy by Naomi Smith

A photo of the 106 class project. A stylized poppy made with red and black beads with silver and gold beads accenting the centre of the flower.

This raised beaded embroidered poppy will be worked on a heavy beading foundation of black deer hide and can be completed in class.

Technique: Raised Bead Embroidery  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 2 1/4” x 2 1/4”  ::  Kit Cost: $58

106:  Victorian Elegance by Kate Barlow

A photo of the 105 class project. A colourful stylized spray of flowers and leaves is embroidered with a variety of stitches.

This pretty design has been inspired by a beautiful pair of ladies’ embroidered boots dating from the late 1800s. The design is stitched using stranded silk threads from Au Ver à Soie which work beautifully set against the dark blue silk dupion ground. Satin and stem stitches are used to create the sinuous stems and tendrils, while the leaves and flowers are worked in long and short, split and trellis stitches.

Technique: Surface Embroidery  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 6” x 3 1/2”  ::  Kit Cost: $70