1-Day Classes, Options Day: May 19

101 Tender Heart, Jane Austen Inspired Whitework | Kate Barlow

101 Tender Heart, Jane Austen Inspired Whitework by Kate Barlow

This pretty whitework design is inspired by the embroidery popular during the Regency period in the early 1800s. The piece is stitched using stranded cotton and perle threads on a fine linen background fabric. A quote from Jane Austen’s Emma, “There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart,” is worked in stem stitch in the centre of the design. The embroidered script is surrounded by delicate flowers worked in satin stitch and eyelets, and leaves worked in padded satin stitch. Lastly, more overcast eyelets are added to complete the design. This class is a great introduction to whitework embroidery, covering all the basic stitches used in the popular technique.

Technique: whitework  |  Skill level: all  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 8 x 12 cm (3 x 4 ¾ in)  | Kit cost: $70

102 / CANCELLED Sweetness and White | Mike Parr

103 Lacy Pin Cushion | Kim Beamish

103 Lacy Pin Cushion by Kim Beamish

Create a useful pin cushion and become familiar with eight pulled thread filling patterns. The patterns included will be ringed back, diagonal drawn, pebble, double window, diagonal cross, reverse faggot, single faggot and window. Students can decide the arrangement of the patterns for their pin cushion. Some familiarity with pulled thread embroidery would be beneficial as compensating stitches are required. Compensation stitches will be covered in our class discussion. Clear stitch diagrams and instructions for finishing are provided. The project is stitched on 28-count linen. Seed beads are used as a border and are included in the kit.

Technique: pulled thread  |  Skill level: intermediate  |  Pre-work: none   |  Homework: none   |  Size: 7.5 x 7.5 cm (3 x 3 in)  |  Kit cost: $50

104 / CANCELLED Calla Lilies | Celeste Chalasani

105 Flower Fantasy | Naomi Smith

105 Flower Fantasy by Naomi Smith

This workshop focuses on learning how to create a raised beaded flower. This is a popular bead embroidery technique often featured on Indigenous beadwork of Six Nations. Participants will learn raised beading and double-beaded edging techniques. This decorative but functional card case will hold credit or bank cards and business cards. It makes a beautiful addition to a wallet or purse. Traditional teachings and historical information will be part of the learning experience.

Technique: beading  |  Skill level: all  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: 7 x 11 cm (2 ¾ x 4 ¼ in)  |  Kit cost: $55

106  / CANCELLED A Chance to Grow | Jo Gatenby

107 Stitching Only

If you wish to enjoy a day of stitching on your own projects with like-minded registrants, then the stitching-only option is for you. You will have a private lounge (no outside food or drink) with comfortable chairs, a few tables, and windows. Your lunch, as well as morning and afternoon nourishment breaks, are included. A class angel will be in the lounge to ensure you know “what and where” for the seminar.