Four-Hundred Series Classes

Classes in this series were planned with four days of in-class instruction. The fee for each of these classes is $220 Canadian.

403 Nature’s Rainbow • Linda Lachance

a heavily textured embroidery with diagonal lines of colours and textures
403 Nature’s Rainbow • Linda Lachance

Nature’s Rainbow reflects the colours of the rainbow in stitches, using more than 32 stitches and variations, representing nature around us. While the stitches may appear simple in this counted canvaswork design, stitching on the diagonal will offer a challenge to stitchers of all levels. Tips and techniques to work on the diagonal will be shared in class.

Many threads are used to create the colour flow, texture and shine. Your kit will include mostly full skeins or spools of overdyed floss, Caron Collection Watercolors, pearl cotton, metallic braids and beads.

Stitches include diagonal Bargello, fleur-de-lis, crescents, double Jessica, square Jessica, trees, leaf, Rhodes, eyelets, sheaf stitch butterflies and many more.

Interaction with your instructor will be primarily through the interface.

Technique: thread painting | Skill level: intermediate-advanced
Pre-work: none | Homework: none
Size: 6″ x 16.6″ (15.24 cm x 42.16 cm) | Class cost: $220
Kit cost: $130 | Kit Postage: TBA

404 History is in the Bag • Naomi Smith

a black bag with beaded flowers and leaves and with long, thin handles
404 History is in the Bag • Naomi Smith

This design celebrates the beadwork techniques of the Woodlands Indigenous people from the early 1800s. Traditional teachings will be part of the learning experience.

Materials include velveteen and glass beads. This class is for all skill levels, although comfort with hand sewing is an asset.

Interaction with your instructor will be primarily through the interface.

Technique: beadwork | Skill level: all | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 7.5″ x 7″ (19 cm x 17.8 cm) | Class cost: $220
Kit cost: $65 | Kit postage: TBA

406 Assisi Sewing Pocketbook • Giulia Manfredini
3 Spots Remaining

406 Assisi Pocketbook Project and Optional Accessories: Giulia Manfredini

This trifold sewing pocketbook is a true collection of antique and traditional Assisi embroidery motifs. Assisi stitch is a typical method of embroidery where figures and motives are created by empty spaces highlighted in running stitch within a background worked in cross stitch. 

Giulia says, “This design is dedicated to my dearest friend Antonietta Mancinelli, a wonderful embroiderer and owner of Ristorante San Francesco in Assisi, Italy. Antonietta shared with me antique chartered designs in Assisi style, which were the inspiration for this model.”

The exterior of the pocketbook has three large densely embroidered bands. The interior has two pockets, one for threads and one for the scissor case and fob. And, the back of the front flap has a pin band and a needlebook.

The set is finished with two Deruta majolica beads, hand-made cording, one traditional tassel for the scissor case and four “mappetti” (tiny tassels in the traditional Assisi style).

Stitched on 30-count Italian linen with stranded cotton.

Technique: counted thread | Skill level: intermediate/advanced
Pre-work: none | Homework: none | Size: 3″ x 8.25″ (7.6 cm x 21 cm)
Class cost: $220 | Kit cost: $100| Kit postage: TBA

Interaction with your instructor will be primarily through the interface.

a small wooden ruler decorated with flowers, a magnet button decorated with two birds, two pins with fancy glass and metal beads
406 Assisi Pocketbook Optional Accessories: Giulia Manfredini

Optional accessories designed especially for this pocketbook are available.

  • a set of two glass and metal pins by Roberta Dazzini ($31 plus postage)
  • a wooden ruler and magnetic needle minder by Stitched Tales ($32 plus postage)

407 Versailles • Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes

a large square embroidered with textured interlocking squares in a bright range of colours
407 Versailles • Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes

This sampler style project is made up of a series of different sized squares and rectangles that interlock perfectly to form a complete design. The design includes a wide variety of canvaswork embroidery stitches worked in hand-dyed stranded silks on either 24-count congress or 18-count canvas.

You will learn all the stitches required to complete the project as well as being encouraged to experiment with the layout of the blocks and the allocation of colours and stitches to make the final design your own unique interpretation. It is suitable for stitchers of all abilities except absolute beginners.

Interaction with your instructor will be primarily through the interface.

Technique: canvaswork, colour and design
Skill level: intermediate/advanced  | Pre-work: none
Homework: none | Size: 12.5″ x 12.5″ (31.1 cm x 31.1 cm)
Class cost: $220 | Kit cost: $95 18-count OR $75 24-count
Kit postage: $24 standard OR $39 express

401 Mandala: Sketch to Stitch • Véronique Gaudet


402 Pattern Couching and Notebook • Natalie Dupuis


405 17th Century Pincushion • Patricia Goaley