IN-PERSON 4-DAY CLASSES: June 7-8 & 10-11

401:  Africana by Lorene Salt

A photo of the 401 class project. An embroidery with two circular elements and a wide variety of shapes and specialty canvaswork stitches.

I am fascinated with deep, bright, rich colours. This colour palette caught my eye while watching a program about Africa. So much colour for the soul! I immediately went to my threads and pulled all the rich colours. Then with canvas in hand, I began this journey. My African trip in colour and thread! “Africana” incorporates string art, needlepoint and laid filling stitches. The overall design integrates many different stitches including Jessicas, Rhodes Hearts, a variety of Waffles and Amadeus Motifs. Techniques include Diaper Patterns and Laid Fillings. This class will appeal to those students who would like to try new techniques while challenging themselves by mastering complex canvaswork stitches.

Technique: Counted Canvaswork  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 8 1/4” x 12 1/2”  ::  Kit Cost: $185

402:  Prairie Crocus by Naomi Smith

A photo of the 402 class project. A bead embroidered stylized five-petaled flower, leaves and borders.

In this course, participants will make a trilobe heart-shaped pin cushion utilizing raised and flat bead embroidery techniques, with single and double beaded edge.

Technique: Raised and Flat Bead Embroidery Techniques, Single and Double Beaded Edge  ::  Skill Level: All Levels  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 4 1/2” x 5 1/2”  ::  Kit Cost: $68

403:  Trevelyan’s Garden by Kathy Andrews

A photo of the 403 class project. A pin cushion embroidered with four historic motifs, and the corners feature ribbon tassels.

The design and embroidery of Trevelyan’s Garden Pincushion are inspired by a petticoat in the Burrell Collection, a portrait of The Countess of Southampton and the botanical drawings of Thomas Trevelyan.

The pin cushion is created using silk thread on silk fabric, embellished with gold thread and gold spangles, trimmed in gold passementerie cord, with ribbon tassels on each corner attached with small pearl beads.

During the 4-day class, students will create this stunning piece using buttonhole stitch, French knots, long and short and block shading, whipped stem stitch, lattice work, fly stitch and couched gold thread.

Technique: Surface Embroidery  ::  Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced  ::  Pre-Work: None  ::  Size: 5” x 5”  ::  Kit Cost: $175

404:  Whitework Windows by Terri Bay

A photo of the 404 class project. A white-on-white embroidery that uses a variety of stitches in the Ukrainian whitework style.

Whitework Windows is a Ukrainian whitework design measuring 8 inches square. It is densely packed with stitches typical to Ukrainian whitework such as spot eyelets, double cable, satin stitches, eyelet chains, hemstitch, long arm cross, faggot stitch, and needleweaving. The windows are worked on 28-count linen with two sizes of pearl cotton. It is an advanced intermediate level. The student needs to be able to work satin stitches, simple eyelets, and double cable independently as well as have some familiarity in cutting fabric threads and needleweaving.

Technique: Ukrainian Whitework  ::  Skill Level: Advanced-Intermediate  ::  Pre-Work: Yes ::  Size: 8” square  ::  Kit Cost: $62