4-Day Classes: May 17 – 18 & 20 – 21

401 CANCELLED Spring Sampler | Celeste Chalasani

402 Historic Couching Variations | Natalie Dupuis

402 Historic Couching Variations by Natalie Dupuis

Goldwork, one of the most beautiful techniques in hand embroidery, relies on the humbly magnificent couching stitch. This stitch is easily accomplished but requires a steady hand and keen eye to be executed at the highest level. During this course, students will use the sampler format to learn eight variations of the couching stitch. The stitches are based on the instructor’s 30-page research paper, which examines basic couching, underside couching, diaper patterns, or nué, Italian shading, damascening, vermicelli, and Italian couching. A variety of gold and silver threads will be explored for their suitability and versatility.

Students will begin working on each sample during class time but will complete the majority of work at home.

Technique: goldwork  |  Skill level: intermediate to advanced  |  Pre-work: none  |  Homework: none  |  Size: optional  |  Kit cost: $140

403 Stargazing | Barbara Kershaw

403 Stargazing by Barbara Kershaw

This beautiful design will incorporate an unusual Italian hem with a variety of intricate drawn thread bands. Stargazing is worked on 32-count Weddigen linen in white with blue pearl cotton. The stitches include the Italian four-sided stitch, satin stitch and sawtooth satin stitch, and variegated eyelet. Add some beads for sparkle and a lovely ribbon to finish it off, and you have created a lovely embroidery set.

**Please note: Left-handed instructions will be available

Technique: whitework and drawn thread  |  Skill Level: intermediate  |  Pre-work: 4-5 hours  |  Homework: none  |  Size: various  |  Kit cost: $135

404 Stitching Only

If you wish to enjoy four days of stitching on your own projects with like-minded registrants, then the stitching-only option is for you. You will have a private lounge (no outside food or drink) with comfortable chairs, a few tables, and windows. Your lunch, as well as morning and afternoon nourishment breaks, are included. A class angel will be in the lounge to ensure you know “what and where” for the seminar.